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Another reason to hate the French. Chirac already got paid a huge amount of money from the Ba’athists using a French bank (Banque Nationale de Paris) but now the Ba’th ruling party is kicking their feet up in the good ole’ French countryside.

With the defeat of the Saddam Hussein regime on April 9, 2003, the Ba’th ruling party was outlawed and a committee for the de-Ba’thification of Iraq was established. However, the Ba’th’s propaganda machine appears to have found a new abode in Paris, France, whence threats to the U.S. are issued regularly in three languages – English, French, and Spanish. Not surprisingly, the Ba’thist propagandists use the word “resistance” (in French, “la resistance”) to underscore the association with the struggle against the Nazi occupation of France during WWII.

The resurrection of the Ba’th Party on French soil was further strengthened by France’s proposal that representatives of “la resistance” should participate in any future conference that will be convened to discuss the future of Iraq. This position was clearly stated by Michel Barnier, the French Foreign Minister, in an interview with the French TV station ” France Inter.” In the interview, Mr. Barnier called for a political process in Iraq that would include “a number of groups and people who have today opted for the path of resistance through the use of weapons.”

Don’t you love how the French, our “allies”, allow a group that wants to kill us to have a HQ in their country? I can’t believe I spent my money in that godforsaken country back in 1999, best part of it was the Normandy beaches and the cemetery. Man, do I hate that country.

The newsletter extends the purpose of the “resistance” not only to defeat “the American-Zionist imperialism in Iraq,” but to other fronts, “particularly in occupied Palestine and Europe, where the Yankee domination is shaken today.” It goes on to affirm its agreement with Che Guevara that, “imperialism has a head, the United States, and that it should be cut off!”

hanks to Sir George for bringing this to my attention.

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