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Biden The Joke Does His Part For Islam (Guest Post)

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Joe Biden, the man who is “one heartbeat away from being president,” is best known as a molester. But his most recent actions at the “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) summit are going to enhance his resumé. As are his actions just before the CVE summit. Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) tweeted that Biden talked about… Read more »

Barack Obama's denialism puts us in greater jeopardy

Barack Obama’s denialism puts us in greater jeopardy

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Barack Obama is a liar. That we know- it’s a given. All of his statements have an expiration date and whatever he says, the opposite is true (DrJohn’s Law). As his lies pile up, the ramifications are becoming dangerous to the US, especially with regard to foreign policy. Yesterday the White House asserted that the… Read more »

Paris Vigil

A French Lesson For Our Media

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A profound event has awakened a lethargic world. Millions of people have instantly materialized in city squares across Europe and in cities elsewhere around the globe in peaceful demonstrations of solidarity with those slain in the Muslim terrorist attacks on the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. Most of the signs carried by the mourners held very simple and very telling words, “Je Suis Charlie.”

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I Shouted Out Who Put Tsarnaev on the Cover of Rolling Stone, When After All it Was You and Me [Reader Post]

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Rolling Stone created a controversy by putting the Boston bomber on the cover of their latest issue. That part wasn’t so controversial, as famous murderers have graced the covers of magazines before, such as Time showing Bin Laden or even Rolling Stone itself using Charles Manson many years ago. Showing the bomber isn’t so controversial… Read more »


America crossing the Rubicon: The Boston Marathon terrorists succeed far beyond their wildest dreams…

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As is often the case with terrorist events, the Boston Marathon bombings had an impact far beyond the bodies of the people harmed by the delivery vehicle itself. Of course that is the very nature of terrorism, where the goal is to use the media to leverage shockingly violent attacks – but usually limited in… Read more »

Why The Democrat Inaction On FISA?

Why The Democrat Inaction On FISA?

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In this post yesterday I helped show the various shady dealings going on between Nancy, Hillary, and Obama with big pharma….that evil scourge, as they enjoy likening it to. But even worse is the shady dealings going on between some Democrats and the trial lawyers that are putting our country at grave risk. The Protect… Read more »

Why Allowing the Protect America Act to Expire Makes Us Less Safe

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Excellent rundown of how the Democrats have made our country less safe by allowing FISA to lapse from the Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell, who, as he pointed out in the interview, has worked with both parties in various intelligence capacities for over 40 years but now is being labeled as partisan: (h/t Hot… Read more »

Team Clintons Terror Pardons

Team Clintons Terror Pardons

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For those who have forgotten just how corrupt the Clinton’s are (like anyone could forget) this story should bring shivers down your spine. Debra Burlingame, the sister of Charles F. “Chic” Burlingame III, the pilot of American Airlines flight 77, writes about the Armed Forces of National Liberation [FALN] terrorist group that had wreaked havoc… Read more »