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How Obama blew the sequester

How Obama blew the sequester

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It could have been a powerful tool. Obama blew it and blew it big. The real answer was simple. The idea of the sequester came from the White House: “In 2011, President Obama proposed the devastating sequestration cuts and stood by them. Now the Democrats continue saying Washington doesn’t have a spending problem, showing just… Read more »

How to pay for those White House tours- and then some

How to pay for those White House tours- and then some

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The shutdown of the White House tours is lighting up the internet. (Reuters) – The sixth-grade class at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Waverly, Iowa, sent a message this week that was heard in the White House briefing room. “The White House is our house,” the class said in a video posted on Facebook. “Please… Read more »

Obama caves- and here's why

Obama caves- and here’s why

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It wasn’t supposed to be this way. For all the criticism of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell we’ve witnessed over the last months, some congratulations are in order. Boehner and McConnell have Obama tied up in knots. WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional Republicans’ unyielding stand against income tax increases has caught President Barack Obama and his… Read more »

Has Obama released the next Ramon Hernandez?

Has Obama released the next Ramon Hernandez?

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Drunk driving illegal kills baby They are powerful images. One is of an anguished young mother lying in a hospital bed holding her lifeless baby. The other is of the father, saying a prayer over the tiny boy just before handing him over to the Office of the Medical Examiner. It was the only time… Read more »


Woodward: “Madness…I haven’t seen in a long time”

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From Real Clear Politics Bob Woodward blasted President Obama on Wednesday morning for deciding to recall an aircraft carrier from the Persian Gulf because of impending budget cuts, calling the decision “a kind of madness.” Woodward: Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sitting there and saying ‘Oh, by the way, I can’t do this because of… Read more »

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TPM “biffs” on Woodward article

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Brian Beutler at TPM insists that Bob Woodward “biffed” in his recent WaPo article in which he asserts that Barack Obama moved the goalposts in the sequester discussions. Beutler casually dismisses Obama’s mendacity as to the origination of the sequester Woodward’s book about the debt limit crisis includes the fairly inconsequential detail that the idea… Read more »

Obama: If Republicans don't give me what I want I will make planes fall from the sky

Obama: If Republicans don’t give me what I want I will make planes fall from the sky

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Barack Obama is warning America of the devastation that the sequester will visit upon the country, including Furloughs of 800,000 civilian Pentagon employees; Meat inspector furloughs from which food shortages will result; Air Traffic Controller furloughs resulting in three-hour waits at airports to clear security; Reductions in embassy protection and border patrols; Cutting the Persian… Read more »

Obama wanted the sequester- give it to him. Straight down his throat.

Obama wanted the sequester- give it to him. Straight down his throat.

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The White House has warned of the devastation that would result from sequestration: The White House warned Friday that allowing the $85 billion sequester to happen would devastate the economy and disrupt the everyday lives of millions of people. In a move intended to intensify pressure on Congress to prevent looming spending cuts set for… Read more »