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A Simple Infographic to Understand the Choice in 2016… More Barack Obama or a Return to Reagan

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One of the most difficult games to play in politics is the notion of what might have been… How might things have been different had JFK not been shot? How might have things have been different had Al Gore won in 2000? How might things have been different had Mitt Romney or John McCain not… Read more »

Obama Gives Speech on Patriotism – Doesn’t Mention Freedom [Reader Post]

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Got to hand it to him. It must have been tough to do. In a 29 minute speech on patriotism in which he invoked Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams, Truman, King, the Pledge of Allegiance, World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq, he does not mention America’s greatest attribute and the single-most powerful beacon to the world:… Read more »

Obama World: The Government Not American Ingenuity Will Solve The Gas Crisis [Reader Post]

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Today Barack Obama threw the American Spirit of Capitalism and Competition under the bus as he scoffed at John McCain’s proposal of a $300 million dollar prize for the development of a next generation car battery. Obama’s ridiculous mocking of the idea goes far beyond his typical rhetoric of criticism without solutions. Obama’s attack on… Read more »

Peggy Noonans Absurd Bush Rant

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Listen, I loved Reagan. But time has a way of making people forget the bad and only remember the good. Reagan was a great President and will go down as one of the top five in my book, but he did do things that would have conservatives of today yelling and screaming. Don’t tell that… Read more »