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The Wall St Journal and Fox News are all that remain of legitimate journalism

The Wall St Journal and Fox News are all that remain of legitimate journalism

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In May of 2009, Barack Obama made a “joke” at White House Correspondents Dinner. He said about those in attendance: “Most of you covered me (pause)… All of you voted for me.” Mildly amusing if it weren’t true. Not only do they vote for Obama, they are allied with Obama. They are his public relations… Read more »


Say What? November 7, 2011 Edition [Reader Post]

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Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: “I think it’s really important to know that President Obama was a job creator from day one.  Now, was the ditch that we were in so deep that when you’re talking to people and they still don’t have a job, that that’s any consolation to them?  No.  But I’ll tell you this, if President Obama and the House congressional Democrats had not acted, we would be at 15 percent unemployment. Again, no consolation to those without a job, but an important point to make.”


Say What? 9/13/2011 edition [Reader Post]

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President Obama about some of his non-existent jobs legislation before Congress: “The only thing preventing us from passing these bills is the refusal by some in Congress to put country ahead of party.”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters: “If [banks] don’t come up with loan modifications and keep people in their homes that they’ve worked so hard for, we’re going to tax them out of business,”

Say What 12/15/2010 Edition (Reader Post)

Say What 12/15/2010 Edition (Reader Post)

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Liberals: President Jimmy Carter concerning our troops in Afghanistan): “I don’t think we have the capability or the will to actually prevail militarily over the Taliban. That seems to me to be an almost hopeless case.” More brilliance from Jimmy Carter: “The richer people in America are getting richer and richer. The poorer people in… Read more »