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People at the Cross

Is the Demise of Christianity part of a Plan? (Guest Post)

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The war on Christians continues unabated. Throughout the Middle East, in most of Europe, and even here in the United States, the future of Christianity is becoming bleak.  Is there a unified structure that is pushing this war forward? The body count in the Middle East would lead one to believe that this is a… Read more »


I can feel it coming in the air tonight…oh Lord

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  Full. Blown Panic. As the polls showing a Hillary Clinton lead narrow, democrats are now in full blown panic mode.  Barack Obama is book ending his Presidency with another apology tour in Laos in which he painted Americans as “lazy” and “racist.” As Clinton continues to dissemble about her emails FBI Director James Comey… Read more »

hillary fascist

Hillary campaign indicates fascism will have a large role in her Presidency

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign has offered us a glimpse into her potential administration. It’s clear that fascism will play no small part. Clinton’s campaign has vowed to crush the opposition press. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign has sent out a fundraising email arguing the website Breitbart News has no “right to exist,” and suggests that if… Read more »

One more attack and you can hand Trump the keys to the White House

One more attack and you can hand Trump the keys to the White House

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  The latest terror attack in France has claimed at least 84 lives, ten of them children. The killer was Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel,  a Tunisian living in France. No one wants to see any more ISIS-inspired attacks, but they are going to happen. With each attack people are reminded of what a weak and feckless man… Read more »

guilty as hell, free as a bird

Guilty as sin, free as a bird- there will be no indictment

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  “Guilty as sin, free as a bird — what a country, America.” Those are words of Obama mentor Bill Ayers. He went on: ”I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said. ”I feel we didn’t do enough.” On September 11, 2001.   “Guilty as sin, free as a bird — what a country, America.”… Read more »

The coming long hot summer

The coming long hot summer

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  Violence broke out at a Trump rally yesterday- again. Trump supporters were attacked- pelted with eggs and bottles- and physically assaulted. I called 911 but no one answered. Donald trump protest in San Jose, CA — Marcus DiPaola (@marcusdipaola) June 3, 2016 Raw video: Punches thrown in clashes following @realDonaldTrump rally in San… Read more »

What's Changed in the War on Terror and How we Combat it

What’s Changed in the War on Terror and How we Combat it? (Guest Post)

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Terrorism is nothing new. It has always existed and is done to spread a message, overthrow a specific economic class or government group, or to gain control over a population. The violence, fear, and unpredictability that come with these attacks have always existed as well, but changes over why it occurs and how it is… Read more »

He's a jerk, but now he's our jerk. And yes, he can win. UPDATED

He’s a jerk, but now he’s our jerk. And yes, he can win. UPDATED

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Donald Trump has won the Indiana primary in landslide. With Ted Cruz dropping out and barring a coup d’etat at the convention he is the nominee. Trump’s negatives are very high (but then, so are Hillary’s) but it is undeniable that there is a hunger out there for what he represents. And that is, being… Read more »

hillary two faced

I’m Hillary Clinton. Vote for me so I can put you out of business!

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  That Hillary Clinton is a world class flip-flopper is nothing new. There’s a long list of them here. But this reversal was impressive even for her. Watch as the leading democrat dissembles. Watch as she goes full circle. Watch the sheer hypocrisy.The remarkable part is how abruptly the flop flop occurred. In March Clinton… Read more »

boston globe

Trump isn’t the enemy. Those who would suppress his rights are

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  Walt Kelly created a cartoon strip character known as Pogo and Pogo once spoke some profound but simple words.   Matt Drudge put it this way Ladies and gentlemen, we are living through history… — MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) April 9, 2016 It’s more than that. This is a dangerous time. The Boston Globe… Read more »