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Obama’s Kenyan Pipeline Hypocrisy

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Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline two months ago in a strictly political move pretending that such a project would undercut America’s ‘leadership on climate change’.  His politically driven agenda ignored the upside that newly employed thousands would bring to a starving economy – in North America.  So why is Obama promoting, even arranging financing,… Read more »

The Barack Obama SOTU drinking game

The Barack Obama SOTU drinking game

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  Tonight Barack Obama delivers his last State of the Union address. He will dwell on the single most important thing in his life- himself. Obama has always been the guy who sets the fire and then calls 911 and promotes himself as the hero. Tonight will be no different for Saul Alinsky’s most prized… Read more »


Immigrants, Slaves, Redistribution and a Cult of Personality: Barack Obama and the Last Days of the Roman Republic

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Late last year I started listening to the History of Rome app. While functionally terrible, content wise it’s quite good. Having been many years since I read Roman history, it’s a welcome refresher for those things I’ve forgotten and an education for many more I never learned in the first place. It’s an extraordinary history,… Read more »

President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Cameron:  would you feel differently about forcing Muslim refugees on your country if one of your daughters were to be raped and sodomized by one of them?

President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Cameron: would you feel differently about forcing Muslim refugees on your country if one of your daughters were to be raped and sodomized by one of them?

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  Many daughters are being raped by Muslim immigrants. Whose daughter should be next? The new Nazis of Germany are sacrificing their own citizens for the sake of Muslim immigrants. Police have been ordered to cover up crimes committed by “immigrants” so as not to reveal their true extent. German officials have ordered a cover-up… Read more »


Did You Know that Jesus Was a Radical Leftist?

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One of the more irritating tactics you’ll see from the Radical Left is suggesting that their positions, no matter how extreme, are actually conservative ideas and that we’re only opposing them out of some personal bias, usually against President Obama. The two easiest examples that come to mind are how, based on some old white… Read more »


The Week Where Democrats Permanently Lost One of their Favorite Arguments

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As anybody knows, every Republican who achieves national recognition gets branded by the Radical Left with at least one of three labels: stupid, old, or evil. After Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, the Democrats have permanently forfeited one of these labels, given how four of the most prominent figures have reacted to the attacks: First,… Read more »

Paris Today

Obama: “ISIS Is Contained.” Really?

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Today’s football spiking from the ever-prescient and diligent Nation defender, President Obama — Jhihadi John has been vaporized. Along with three cheers for me, Obama claimed, “. . . we have contained them.” Whew, that must be really good news, after all, a President wouldn’t lie. Umm, oh, wait, what’s that noise? A bomb?

Fuel to the Fire

Clinton & Obama Benghazi Lies = Death and Devastation For Millions

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The art of deception and the disintegration of political credibility have reached new levels of stench, which the middle class across America looks to overthrow through its demonstrated support of ‘outsiders’ in the current presidential race. I use the term, “middle class,” because the political and economic ruling class, the supreme 0.001% quite evidently doesn’t care.


Powell – ‘I Want to Continue to Be a Republican Because I’m a Jerk’

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Once a decorated general with a career of distinguished service and once rising star within the GOP, Colin Powell has officially hit Peak Troll status. As PJ Media’s Bridget Johnson reports: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who endorsed President Obama in 2008 and 2012, told the Washington Ideas Forum that there’s a special reason why he… Read more »