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What Apple Should have Said to Congress [Reader Post]

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Baby Bob and his efforts to keep us on our toes have once again knocked me a bit behind the news cycle, but this story was too good to let slip by the wayside. On May 21st Apple CEO Tim Cook was hauled before Congress because various politicians felt that Apple had not paid its… Read more »


It’s Time for the Wealthy to Pay for their Fair Share of Taxes, Part II [Reader Post]

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I’m not a fan of Ann Coulter – her style is a little too abrasive for me, and while I usually agree with the philosophy of her arguments I’ve generally found her supporting info to be too factually challenged to take seriously. But once in a while she makes an excellent point, and this is… Read more »


How About a Major Tax Policy Overhaul that Could Actually Work? Introducing the Neutral Tax [Reader Post]

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After a local Tea Party meeting one of my fellow attendees reached out to me and asked me to look over a proposal he had for tax reform. Given that this city has no shortage of people with grand ideas I was naturally skeptical. But then I read his proposal for the Neutral Tax, and when I was done reading I had just one thought… “What on Earth did this guy just say?” So I read it again, and it started to make sense. I didn’t share my initial reaction to disparage the Neutral Tax – it’s just that it’s such a different idea from anything I had read before that it didn’t sink in on the first reading.