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How can The Left Call Conservatives Anti-Science When they Are So Violently Anti-Math? (Part 1 of 5)

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“Proof is for mathematical theorems and alcoholic beverages. It’s not for science.” – MannWashington Posts’s Steven Mufson and Joby Warrick gave a glowing account of President Obama’s warnings on Climate Change: “The growing threat of climate change could define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other,” Obama said in a speech at… Read more »


And Your 2015 Hero of the Year Is… Donald Trump?

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Image appears via The Earl of Taint My apologies for that beverage-spitting-onto-your-screen inducing headline. And of course, sorry for this post being so late, but the last few weeks have been pretty crazy in Bobville. Faithful readers know that I have no love for The Donald, so why would I designate him as the 2015… Read more »


New Poll Shows that the Tea Party Truly Is Dangerous

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Well, it looks like the lefties have finally smoked us out. A recent survey conducted by the center for security policy seems to confirm what the left has been saying all along about the threat to this country posed by the Tea Party. Here is their report’s summary (emphasis theirs): According to a new nationwide online survey… Read more »


Media to the American People: “Silence, Commoners!”

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Watch any entertaining presidential primary debates lately? That was an impressive bit of pushback by the GOP candidates on the partisan hack who was masquerading as a debate moderator! After an embarrassment like that how does our media react – apologetic and promising to make a more honest effort next time? Ha Ha! Don’t be… Read more »

Putin's b*tch mocks GOP candidates for being unable to "handle" CNBC moderators

Putin’s b*tch mocks GOP candidates for being unable to “handle” CNBC moderators

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  The weakest President since Jimmy Carter, the “man” who won the Olympic gold medal for Flexibility to Foreign Leaders, mocked the GOP candidates for their response to what is widely accepted as an astonishingly inept and biased set of debate moderators. Obama sneered: “Let me tell you, if you can’t handle those guys then I… Read more »


Why Does the Republican Party Bother to Exist? Part II

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A few months back I asked the question of the Republican Party – If you can’t make a story as black and white as the killing of Kate Steinle part of the debate over illegal immigration, why do you even bother to exist? Recent events have me asking the same question again: First off, revisiting the… Read more »


That Painful Moment that Leftist Attacks have Become Dumb Enough for me to Defend Jeb!

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The lefties in the media are in a race to see who can be the most partisan hack on the block. A few weeks ago I congratulated Carly Fiorina on being deemed a big enough threat to warrant her first smear attempt from the Washington Post. Going after the leading conservative isn’t enough – now the… Read more »


Congratulations Carly – You’ve Hit a Major Milestone!

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Ms Fiorina should be quite proud of herself – she’s just scored a major victory! I am of course, referring to the fact that she is now viewed as a substantial enough threat to warrant her first hit piece in the Washington Post’s e-newsletter! First, let’s back up a bit. We get the WaPo weekend… Read more »

As Obama would say- Ahmed, you didn't build that- UPDATED

As Obama would say- Ahmed, you didn’t build that- UPDATED

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  By now, nearly everyone knows what a “hero” Ahmed Mohamed is- at least in the eyes of Barack Obama, who has invited the youngster to the White House to celebrate his newfound celebrity. While it’s appealing to jump out in front of stories such as these and mindlessly react, as have MIT, Microsoft and… Read more »


Here is How the Pro-Choice Crowd Can Win the Debate Once and for All… Or Forever Shut Up

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“Fertility clinics destroy embryos all the time. Why aren’t conservatives after them?” was the title of an article from Margot Kaplan in the Opinion pages of last Sunday’s Washington Post. This is one of those pieces that contains enough ridiculous to write a thousand words or two to counter, but one sentence in particular really got… Read more »