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A Rather Different Kind of #LoveWins

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Like anyone who uses the web, I’ve noticed that ads that show up on pages I browse seem to target me based on some personal information, whether demographic or based on the sites I’ve visited. Who hasn’t gone to Amazon to browse or buy a specific product and then see ads for it on completely… Read more »


Parenting Chicken Hawks? [Reader Post]

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The conservasphere has been having a field day with this one. In case you haven’t seen it yet, MSNBC has a new “Lean Forward” ad campaign featuring on-air personality Melissa Harris-Perry weighing in on public education, and how it relates to children and their families: “We have never invested as much in public education as we… Read more »

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Civil Unions And The “Conservative” Enablers Of The Progressive Agenda [Reader Post]

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Recently I received the invitation below from a group known as “Liberty on the Rocks”. Are you a libertarian looking to meet others in the Denver area? Want to learn more about libertarian ideals? This isn’t about party politics, it’s about what’s right and how to fight for it. LOTR is not looking for how… Read more »


Ambassadors, Free Birth control Pills, Arab Spring… [Reader Post]

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order zithromax online This post is a collection of some random musings – subjects I wanted to mention that weren’t long enough to warrant their own posts. Despite the range of topics this post is a “gun control / gun ownership rights discussion free zone”. It’s not that I don’t have opinions on the subject… Read more »


The Bigotry and Intolerance Behind the Gay Marriage Debate [Reader Post]

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The debate over Gay Marriage has come front and center in political debates lately, and with all of the electrons that have been spilled writing about it there is one detail that should not get lost in the shuffle. I am of course, referring to the bigotry, intolerance, and hatred of… the left.