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If only there was a vaccine to treat left wing hypocrisy

If only there was a vaccine to treat left wing hypocrisy

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Boy, if it wasn’t for hypocrisy there would be no such thing as a liberal. Jonathan Stewart, master of finding the front of a parade, blasted Rand Paul last night about something Paul said about vaccinations: “But your choice puts other people in jeopardy — just ask a doctor,” Stewart said. He cut to Sen…. Read more »

What would the world look like if we were all liberals?

What would the world look like if we were all liberals?

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I got to thinking the other day- what if we were all liberals? What would the world look like? Before you get riled up, read on. What if all men were Bill Clinton? We could talk up women’s rights but in real life take advantage of young women, be sexual predators and serial harassers. What… Read more »

Billionaire will meet and greet you for $1000

Billionaire will meet and greet you for $1000

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Billionaire Oprah Winfrey is planning a tour to help you with your life. The Oprah Winfrey experience is coming to an arena near you. Starting in September, Winfrey will set out on an eight-city Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend tour. The plan: pack 18,000-seat arenas for a two-day experience featuring a keynote by Winfrey,… Read more »

These are the people who will lecture us about income inequality

These are the people who will lecture us about income inequality

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It’s been reported that Barack Obama is going focus on income inequality in his SOTU speech: President Obama will try to pump some vitality into a lackluster second term on Tuesday when he delivers his State of the Union address. The address will include a “healthy dose” of the income inequality message the White House… Read more »

MSNBC- home of the Learjet Liberal.               Really.

MSNBC- home of the Learjet Liberal. Really.

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I know, I know. “Liberal hypocrite gasbag” is redundant, but still…. Ed Schultz is an even worse reprobate than you thought. Schultz is one of the liberal gasbags on PMSNBC who reside in the town of Hypocrisy Heights. Schultz is quick to pile onto the mythical conservative “war on women” despite his own reported history… Read more »

Someone Looks Scared

Liberal Hypocrisy and International Racism

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Someone gassed between 350 and 1,400 people in Syria, depending on which liar fits into your political agenda; however, North Korea can starve tens of thousands, many of them children, and the international community with its organizers are painfully silent. Kim Jung-un battles no one but his own people: Assad is in a desperate battle… Read more »


The Presidential Debates Have Devolved Into Liberal Controlled And Hyped Media Events

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We had our debate last night, and as was expected, Crowley made her partisan views and bias a significant factor in the debate: if you deny this obvious fact, you suffer from willful ignorance or you are so lost in your bias your sanity might be in question.

Crowley let it be known, before the debate, she planned to inject her influence into the debate; after all, she has a superior intellect and is a member of the elite cadre of media engaged in the reelection of Obama. How could anyone expect or ask that she be a neutral moderator, with such superior talent, she needs to be an active participant and personality within the debate. Who knew the debate, between men vying for the most powerful position in the world, required the participation of an obvious shill for Obama to clap for Obama and allow him extra time to make crucial points because they are “important.”


I Know A Few Horse People!

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I remember hearing my creative writing instructor say, we should write about things we are familiar with and understand. I repeat this advice to myself at least once a week; my old writing instructor’s words have served well as a guide, but they have never been humorous until today.

Robin Abcarian was probably excited about the prospect of covering the horsey story of Ann Romney, while trying to gain political traction for the failed presidency of Barack Obama; however, writing an article on a minnow in the shark tank and trying to expose the secrets of life in the shark world is laughable.


Rachel Maddow says John Kerry and Apple computer are unpatriotic [Reader Post]

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From HuffPo:

Rachel Maddow: Romney Has ‘Issues Of Patriotism’ Due To Offshore Accounts

Now pay attention carefully. Maddow went after John Mica about Mitt Romney’s offshore accounts: