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Beyond Mitt… the Conservative challenge to saving America [Reader Post]

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To this day, despite having the most popular and profitable radio program in the United States, Limbaugh remains a polarizing figure. He is a convenient lightning rod for the left as they seek to mischaracterize the conservative message he promotes. And they have done a great job of disparaging conservatives. From a sexist Rush Limbaugh to the Tea Party racists to Paul Ryan seeking to throw Grandma off a cliff, the left in general and the media in particular have done a spectacular job of misrepresenting conservatives to those who are like I was twenty years ago, too busy or lazy to look at the facts.

Dennis Kucinich Abandon’s America’s Left

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I am one of the few Americans who seem surprised by today’s news: Dennis Kucinich has dropped out of the Presidential race. Now, having lived in the Cleveland area almost all my life, and with clear memories of Dennis’ antics as mayor, I have to say that I knew he wasn’t going to be President,… Read more »