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Say What? November 22, 2011 Edition [Reader Post]

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Occupy Portland attendee: “F__ the police…The police are a government-run gang; they’re there to protect the hidden political interests of the politicians, period.”

Nancy Pelosi: “but the truth is what I said. I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it …but they have this conscience thing”


The man who saved the United States of America [Reader Post]

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He is Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

An article in Business Insider listed the Top 6 winners and losers in state budget battles this year. Among the winners are Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Andrew Cuomo of New York, John Kasich of Ohio, Jerry Brown of California and Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania. They all took similar approaches to the financial crises that faced their states- they cut spending and mostly avoided new taxes.