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Had Sheriff Clarence Dupnik done this, six people would still be alive

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And Gabby Giffords would not have taken a bullet to the head. In a fit of rage the CEO of a weapons training company, angered by the potential confiscation of American guns, posted a Youtube video in which he threatened to kill people: The head of firearms training company who took to YouTube and Facebook… Read more »


Say What? December 5th, 2011 Edition [Reader Post]

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Democrat Congresswoman Donna Edwards to Occupy D.C. people, as part of a chant: “It’s not fair, it’s not right; It’s time for us to occupy America.”

Occupy D.C. protestor leading a chant: “I just rode the elevator.”


Cops arrest 11 year old kid for drawing, no one arrested for threatening to kill Scott Walker or Sarah Palin [Reader Post]

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Sometimes there is a complete lack of balance in the world.

An 11 year old Arvada Colorado boy who was being treated for Attention Deficit Disorder was told by a teacher to draw pictures when he was upset instead of disrupting the class, so the boy did just that.


Say What? January 18, 2011 Edition [Reader Post]

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Liberals: You will note how much liberals decided to tone down their rhetoric this week, after claiming that it causes violent attacks upon politicians.  Although a couple of these quotes are a week old, most are from the previous week: NY Time columnist Paul Krugman: “We don’t have proof yet that this [shooting in Arizona]… Read more »

Newsweek story on missed warning signs completely misses the warning signs [Reader Post]

Newsweek story on missed warning signs completely misses the warning signs [Reader Post]

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This is why no one reads Newsweek any more.

Before you go any further, can you guess what the story is going to say?

It’s likely you’re right. (Via WZ)

The Missed Warning Signs


A nation of Jared Loughners [Reader Post]

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Sometimes the shortest period measurable by man is the amount of time between a tragedy occuring and left wing blaming the right. One thing is for certain- no thinking can possibly take place in such short a period of time.

Early on no one knew a single fact about Loughner, let alone his name. But that did not stop the left for a second. Sherriff Clarence Dumbshit Dupnik had the answer immediately.