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Hollywood Socialists Selling Out To Chinese Communist Party — Go ALL-IN With Blinding Greed

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Hollywood hypocrisy has been evident whether you have dealt directly with any of its many influencers, or have observed from a distance. Hollywood has consistently and sanctimoniously forgiven itself and its money-makers whether it was on mistreatment of women, or minorities, or the abuse of those too young to defend themselves, or the sexualization of young women. No levels of immorality, or depravity have been too low for consideration as long as cash was in the offing. Hollywood has for a century played impresario to American culture, or what Hollywood decided was American culture. Presented often enough, repeated often enough, and delivered through giant theatre screens of televisions, whatever “it” was, became so. We became accustomed, or we became numb, as the powerful, unequalled Hollywood PR machine sold us whatever socio-political poison could entertain us, successfully parting us from our cash. Now Hollywood is going All-In on the cash sell-out.

Hollywood Hypocrisy

Liberal Hypocrisy Unleashed On All Women

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Democrats have for years accused conservatives of conducting a war on women. Seeped in hypocrisy and oozing with deception, this assertion has been conducted with help from a witless media, and with assistance from the influential socialist enclave of Hollywood. I use the term “hollywood” inclusively here — herding into this corral, both the players and the products of the entertainment industry.


Are the Oscars a Sign of Much Bigger Problems for the Radical Left? (Guest Post)

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I don’t watch the Academy Awards, or any awards shows for that matter. Apparently, most of you probably didn’t either – ratings are down 18% from last year. However, I have to admit that the post-ceremony coverage has been pretty entertaining, as we’ve gotten to watch many of the left’s various professional victimhood classes turn… Read more »


What conservatives can learn from Hollywood: Good stories told well can influence political perspective

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Watching movies is one of my favorite pastimes. Our favorite movies say a lot about us… although I’m not exactly sure what. My top five (in no particular order) are Gladiator, Valley Girl, Galaxy Quest, Lost in Translation and probably Tombstone. Movies are a unique form of entertainment because they are touchstones, shared experiences which… Read more »


Hollywood’s Multi Pronged Attacks on Liberty (Guest Post)

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In Greek mythology, the Hydra was a serpent with many heads and according to lore, when one head was cut off, two more would grow back into its place. Like the Hydra, the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) and their allies in Hollywood, it appears that every time one discovers their efforts to use government… Read more »

Hollywood's culture of murder and death

Hollywood’s culture of murder and death

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Following the tragedy in Newtown CT liberals have been falling all over themselves spreading blame. They have targeted the NRA and video games. The insufferable airheads of Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight have the tragedy all figured out. Meanwhile, new details are emerging about what might have driven Adam Lanza over the edge. Published reports… Read more »


Hollywood’s heartwarming paean to Barack Obama [Reader Post]

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I’ve just sat through the 17 minute homage to Barack Obama narrated by Tom Hanks. How is it possible that Barack Obama’s approval rating is even close to 50%? Why isn’t it 100%? According to Hanks, Barack Obama is the real deal. Fearless. Intrepid. Selfless. And most of all: Successful. Like Lincoln before him, the events of the day forced his hand and the resulting display of courage and skill showed the greatness of the man.