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Hillary 2016: Cash for a clunker

Hillary 2016: Cash for a clunker

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In an interview Barack Obama said that Americans prefer “that new car smell” in a candidate for 2016. President Obama, acknowledging he’s taken some political “dings” during his time in the White House, said in an exclusive interview with ABC News that the American people will want that “new car smell” when it comes to… Read more »


The face of fear

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Hillary Clinton had a shoe thrown at her not long ago. How did she respond? She cowered. She cringed. She was afraid. Bush, on the other hand, handled it this way Bush telegraphed strength. He wasn’t afraid. Hillary was terrified. The future democrat candidate screams fear. She couldn’t see a thing. She is old. She… Read more »

Benghazi explained: Hillary may as well have killed them herself

Benghazi explained: Hillary may as well have killed them herself

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There has been much argument about the security situation in Benghazi leading up to the 2012 attacks. On the one hand, there is no dispute that additional security had been requested in the months before the attack. The timeline is important. DECEMBER 2011: The documents also included an “ACTION MEMO” for Under Secretary of State… Read more »

Yes, Hillary is too old but it's the brain damage that should concern you

Yes, Hillary is too old but it’s the brain damage that should concern you

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At National Journal Charlie Cook suggested that Hillary Clinton might be too old to run for President. The question remains: Is Hillary Clinton really a 100 percent lock to run? I think it is a pretty good bet, maybe 70 percent chance or so; but that also means there is an approximately 30 percent chance… Read more »

100 million reasons not to vote for Hillary

100 million reasons not to vote for Hillary

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There are times when you really want to punch someone in the face. I had one of those moments the other day when I heard Bill Clinton yapping at the De Blasio inaugural. Clinton reminded me of why he is a good politician and why I despise him with all my being. The De Blasio… Read more »

Team Clintons Terror Pardons

Team Clintons Terror Pardons

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For those who have forgotten just how corrupt the Clinton’s are (like anyone could forget) this story should bring shivers down your spine. Debra Burlingame, the sister of Charles F. “Chic” Burlingame III, the pilot of American Airlines flight 77, writes about the Armed Forces of National Liberation [FALN] terrorist group that had wreaked havoc… Read more »

Contrasting Hillary & Obama

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Lanny Davis, a longtime Clinton supporter and Democrat, was on the John Gibson show today discussing the Hillary and Obama showdown and it was quite an informative discussion on the differences between the two candidates. Both of them are all wrong for this country but one of them has a few accomplishments to name. Accomplishments… Read more »

Super Tuesday Thoughts

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Mark Steyn at his best on this Super Tuesday: Forget the gaseous platitudes: in Dem terms, their choice on Super Duper Tuesday was deciding which candidate was Super Duper and which was merely Super. Over on the GOP side, it was a choice between Weak & Divisive or Weaker & Unacceptable. Doesn’t bode well for… Read more »

Hillary, Illegals, & The Debate

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Funny funny stuff. Here is Hillary tonight at the debate saying why she opposes drivers licenses for illegals: (h/t Hot Air) Hot Air has the transcript: HRC: I do not think it is appropriate to give a drivers license to someone who is here undocumented, putting them frankly at risk, because that is clear evidence… Read more »