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Did Marco Rubio Just Quietly Save America?

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    To answer my own question in the headline, indirectly and painfully, but I believe he just might have. Powerline’s John Hinderaker reports: We conservatives think we are a hundred times smarter than liberals. So why does it seem that our representatives in Washington so often get the short end of the stick? That’s… Read more »

Rand Paul is right. Vaccines can cause profound mental impairment. It happened in my family

Rand Paul is right. Vaccines can cause profound mental impairment. It happened in my family

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This morning on Morning Joe, resident smartass Mika Brzezinski took potshots at Rand Paul for something he said about vaccines. Paul was quoted as saying: Sen. Rand Paul’s blunt style led to a combative interview with a female reporter and controversial comments defending his insistence on voluntary vaccinations on Monday. During the interview, with CNBC’s… Read more »


The Grinch who Gave America the Negative Stimulus (Guest Post)

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BREAKING: Microsoft exec to oversee Healthcare dot gov. First screenshot leaked! — Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) December 17, 2013 Sometimes I shake my head and wonder why the Republican party bothers to exist. The Obamacare debacle has given us a near perfect indictment of everything that is wrong with the law itself, President Obama, and… Read more »

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The Real Democrat Health Care Plan (Reader Post)

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Now that Obamacare has opened disastrously, many on the right hope it will fail “under its own weight”. Not a chance. No government program has ever been ended just because it did not perform as sold and cost more than originally estimated. Social Security is paying out more than it takes in already. Medicaid and… Read more »


So the Left Wants Our Help in Getting Them Out of the Mutara Nebula? (Reader Post)

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It’s been impossible not to enjoy a healthy dose of schadenfreude over the debacle that Obamacare’s rollout has been. And aside from the most blind true believers out there on the left, America has come to realize that it’s only going to get worse. As Jonah Goldberg pointed out, after giving the caveats that there’s… Read more »


Maybe Having the Underpants Gnomes Write Obamacare Wasn’t Such a Good Idea? (Reader Post)

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This post is actually just four separate illustrations that I like to use to explain the problems with Obamacare. This is as much for my benefit as yours, as I want to pull these together in one handy link the next time I need a simple way to explain to lefties why their beloved law… Read more »

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The #1 Lesson from the Shutdown is that the Left in America is Completely Gone (Reader Post)

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Now that the shutdown is over and the Republicans are done giving the Democrats a much needed distraction from the disaster that the Obamacare rollout has been, we can take a look back on what the biggest takeaway from the entire shutdown was. My lefty pals and I love to spar over a number of… Read more »

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How President Obama Can Resolve All of the Scandals, or Why I Don’t Have a Career in Politics [Reader Post]

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It seems that lately each day brings either a new scandal or some sickening new wrinkle to an existing one. Naturally, this administration does what every administration does, only the Obama White House seems to have turned it into an art form. They spin, obfuscate, deny, point blame, or just lie when they have to…. Read more »