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Thought Crimes And Pastry Guns [Reader Post]

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Recently, a school in the once great state of Maryland offered counseling to students “troubled” by a classmate eating pastry into the shape of a gun. You might think his offense was kind of silly, but the school considered the seven year old students triggering action a “Level 3” violation of the following code: “Any… Read more »


Time To Register Books And Put Reasonable Restrictions On The 1st Amendment [Reader Post]

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President Obama and his progressive allies have recently told us that even the most draconian of gun laws must be passed because “If we save even one life from gun violence, it’s worth it.” While that’s an amazingly ignorant, infantile, and even downright silly statement, it does neatly sum up a nanny-state philosophy that is… Read more »

Do not photoshop this image

Do not photoshop this image

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In an effort to show he’s one of the guys the White House released an image of Barack Obama discharging a shotgun and demanded that no one manipulate the image. “This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the… Read more »


Finally, a Sensible Gun Control Solution [Reader Post]

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I’ve intentionally avoided this topic since it seems almost every possible angle has been explored, and everyone has some solution that will leave one side angry and for the most part, the other side unsatisfied. What nobody seems to be looking at is a real solution, that can only be found if we strip away… Read more »


If the government can share your gun permit data with the public, why not your tax and income data too?

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In the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut last month a newspaper serving the New York City suburbs, The Journal News, decided to post to its website the names and addresses of all of the legal gun owners in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties. Gun owners were outraged. In response a blogger posted the names… Read more »


I won’t put a gun to your head to make you read this [Reader Post]

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Four days after Jared Loughner put a gun to the head of Gabby Giffords, Barack Obama spoke:

Obama Urges ‘Civility’ in Public Discourse

TUCSON — President Obama called Wednesday for an end to the political finger-pointing that has erupted in the aftermath of the gunman’s rampage here five days ago, urging Americans not to use the tragedy that took six lives to turn on one another.

80% Of Those Who Voted For Obama Support Legal Concealed Carry Of Firearms [Reader Post]

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That was not a typo, nor an exaggeration. Overall, 83% of voters favor concealed carry. Oh. My. Zogby/O’Leary Poll Reveals Majority of Voters Will Oppose Senators Who Vote to Confirm an Anti-Second Amendment Supreme Court Nominee Strong Majority of Independents, Democrats and Obama Voters Support the Right to Carry a Firearm …Judge Sotomayor does not… Read more »

Heller: One Vote Away From Revolution [Reader Post]

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The tyranny of the liberals was almost complete. One more vote and they would be confiscating our guns. After that, they could have done whatever they wanted and an unarmed population of sheep could have done nothing about it. Five Justices, in the starkest display yet of the importance of presidential elections, saved a Constitutional… Read more »