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In defense of the slippery slope argument…

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Liberals constantly decry conservatives’ slippery slope arguments against their progressive legislation as simply red herrings. Their refrain is usually “Don’t be absurd, no one’s trying to do _____ (insert the relevant slippery slope argument here).” They suggest that such an argument is mere hyperbole and conservatives are introducing ideas no one wants. As usual, the… Read more »


Life imitates art… Liberals see the world as they imagine it is, not how it actually is

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I’ve always been a fan of Van Gogh’s paintings. I similarly like Renoir, and Seurat. Although I like some of Picasso’s early work, most of it I find a bit odd. My favorite artist however is William Adolphe Bouguereau, a 19th century French artist whose works are the polar opposite of the impressionists, literally. From the… Read more »


Newtown, gun regulations, sexy employees and the folly of “doing something”

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Two very different news stories stood out for me recently. The first was the story of the killing of 26 innocent women and children at the school in Connecticut. The other was a story out of Iowa where a panel of judges said that a dentist could fire his assistant for being too attractive. At… Read more »

"Whatever It Takes" to Take Those Guns

“Whatever It Takes” to Take Those Guns

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So a kid walks into a college campus and guns down a half dozen people who had been forced to forfeit their lives because the state will not allow them to protect themselves, and what does Obama say about it? Before speaking to a rally here, Obama said the nation must do a “more effective… Read more »