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Karl Pierson is shown in a Facebook photo.

Media attempts to hide Colorado shooter’s anti-Republican anti-gun socialist past

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Bet you haven’t heard this from the major news outlets: Colorado gunman Karl Pierson, who seriously injured a 17-year-old girl when he opened fire at his school, supported tougher gun laws. The 18-year-old, who had been dropped from the debate team, was said to have had strong views on politics and gun control, classmates said…. Read more »

Obama can't get your guns, so he's going to take away your ammunition

Obama can’t get your guns, so he’s going to take away your ammunition

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Obama’s Department of Homeland Security is snapping up bullets at an alarming pace. The Homeland Security Department wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four or five years. It says it needs them — roughly the equivalent of five bullets for every person in the United States — for… Read more »

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12 people murdered with Joe Biden-inspired weapon. One killed with AR 15.

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Aaron Alexis seems to have listened to Joe Biden and taken his advice. Back in February Biden said: “You don’t need an AR-15,” he said. “Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!” And that’s what Aaron Alexis did. Back then Bided added: “I have two shotguns at home. No one is going to come and take… Read more »

Obama is really good at snaring the Tea Party, lousy at catching the bad guys

Obama is really good at snaring the Tea Party, lousy at catching the bad guys

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Image It’s all about priorities. The alleged Navy Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis, had a history of arrest In early-July, a male roommate of Alexis’s called Fort Worth cops to report his suspicion that Alexis “put unknown substance in gas tank to damage vehicle,” according to a July 5 report. Alexis, who was killed today… Read more »

Give them their damn vote

Give them their damn vote

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Well, that’s that. We’ve got to have a vote. Michelle wants a vote. The queen has spoken. “These reforms deserve a vote in Congress,” she said, drawing loud applause from hundreds of Chicago’s business executives and civic leaders who were gathered at a luncheon to raise money for a new anti-violence initiative. Obama spoke emotionally… Read more »


Thought Crimes And Pastry Guns [Reader Post]

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Recently, a school in the once great state of Maryland offered counseling to students “troubled” by a classmate eating pastry into the shape of a gun. You might think his offense was kind of silly, but the school considered the seven year old students triggering action a “Level 3” violation of the following code: “Any… Read more »

Biden to parents: Buy a shotgun...and shut up also

Biden to parents: Buy a shotgun…and shut up also

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From NPR Vice President Joe Biden’s advice to his wife about protecting their home in Delaware: They don’t need an assault-style weapon. If there are bad guys on the property, walk out on the balcony and fire a couple blasts from their double-barrel shotgun. “You don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself,” he adds, and… Read more »

Schieffer: The NRA are like Nazis and we must defeat them

Schieffer: The NRA are like Nazis and we must defeat them

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Bob Schieffer somehow topped Chris Matthews during CBS News’s special coverage of President Obama’s gun control press conference on Wednesday, as he became the worst caricature of a foaming-at-the-mouth cheerleader for the chief executive. Schieffer lauded “one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard him [Obama] deliver”, and compared Obama’s new gun control agenda to… Read more »