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“We are not asking that he [Zimmerman] be convicted; We are asking that he be arrested”

“We are not asking that he [Zimmerman] be convicted; We are asking that he be arrested”

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How are George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, Pigford, Ryan Julison, the Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Barack Obama all connected? The guys at Conservative Treehouse have put together an incredible piece. It shows how the Zimmerman-Martin case became the monster it is: It begins with Tracy Martin reaching out on February 28th to his… Read more »


How the Trayvon Martin case showcases the plight of black America… but probably not in the way you think.

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It’s been 20 years since Maxine Waters coined (or at least popularized) the phrase “No Justice No Peace”. The time was after the LA Riots in 1992 when the freshman Congresswoman from Los Angeles was defending looters as simply “women who wanted shoes for their children and bread”. Of the violence that eventually claimed the… Read more »

Adventures in left wing media racism

Adventures in left wing media racism

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Erik Wemple stretched credulity to the breaking point not long ago trying to dismiss the right noticing how George Zimmerman’s ethnicity was described. Why did New York Times call George Zimmerman ‘white Hispanic’? Q.E.D.: Use of the term in the New York Times archives is rare. Phil Corbett, the paper’s standards editor, concedes that “white… Read more »


Say What? May 1, 2012 Edition

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George Will: “We have a president who believes, because he says so, that ATMs and airport ticket kiosks cause unemployment. So that gives you some sense of his grasp of how the economy works.“

George Will: “Mr. Obama, the night he clinched the nomination, said this will be the moment when the rise of the seas stop. Well, if he can stop the seas from rising, why can’t he bring down the gas prices?”