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The Biggest Lie that the Radical Left Tells About Ted Cruz

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You might recall from 2013 the government shutdown where Ted Cruz was single handedly about to force the government to default on its debts and destroy our economy. As Bloomberg’s Joshua Green breathlessly exhaled: Here’s a cheerful thought as Congress remains deadlocked over the debt ceiling and the hours tick away toward default: Senator Ted… Read more »


It’s Time for the President to Lead by Example (Reader Post)

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We survived The Fiscal Cliff, and the Sequester has come and amazingly a small reduction in the rate of growth to the federal government’s spending has not led to the collapse of the American economy. Granted, the president has chosen to use it to punish the American people since he has the convenience of his Palace Guards… Read more »

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TPM “biffs” on Woodward article

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Brian Beutler at TPM insists that Bob Woodward “biffed” in his recent WaPo article in which he asserts that Barack Obama moved the goalposts in the sequester discussions. Beutler casually dismisses Obama’s mendacity as to the origination of the sequester Woodward’s book about the debt limit crisis includes the fairly inconsequential detail that the idea… Read more »

Obama: If Republicans don't give me what I want I will make planes fall from the sky

Obama: If Republicans don’t give me what I want I will make planes fall from the sky

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Barack Obama is warning America of the devastation that the sequester will visit upon the country, including Furloughs of 800,000 civilian Pentagon employees; Meat inspector furloughs from which food shortages will result; Air Traffic Controller furloughs resulting in three-hour waits at airports to clear security; Reductions in embassy protection and border patrols; Cutting the Persian… Read more »

Obama wanted the sequester- give it to him. Straight down his throat.

Obama wanted the sequester- give it to him. Straight down his throat.

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The White House has warned of the devastation that would result from sequestration: The White House warned Friday that allowing the $85 billion sequester to happen would devastate the economy and disrupt the everyday lives of millions of people. In a move intended to intensify pressure on Congress to prevent looming spending cuts set for… Read more »


It’s Time for the Wealthy to Pay for their Fair Share of Taxes, Part II [Reader Post]

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I’m not a fan of Ann Coulter – her style is a little too abrasive for me, and while I usually agree with the philosophy of her arguments I’ve generally found her supporting info to be too factually challenged to take seriously. But once in a while she makes an excellent point, and this is… Read more »


It’s Time for the Wealthy to Pay their Fair Share of Taxes [Reader Post]

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My local news paper, the Falls Church News Press (FCNP) had two interesting articles its December 13th edition. While they seem unrelated on the surface the two actually help to make an interesting point. First off, the FCNP is run by a proud leftist, and his newspaper as a whole and particularly his main editorial… Read more »