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An indictment is likely

An indictment is likely

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  What an interesting year. The Cubs won the Series. The FBI Director goes from the darling of the left to enemy of the State. Hillary claimed she was in New York City on 9-11. We could have a President-elect impeached before she is sworn into office. Heck of a year, and it’s not over…. Read more »

Tim Cook

Obama vs. Apple — The Road to Tyranny

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The ABC interview with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook on Feb. 24, 2016, unintentionally revealed a CEO under siege, a CEO behind the eight ball, and a CEO who felt he had been betrayed by Obama. He had been double-crossed by a politician he had helped elect. Cook earnestly and effectively stated Apple’s quandary, nevertheless, he could not help but look like the deer in the head lights. He plaintively stated that he felt he should have received a heads-up from Obama.


Man Bites Dog, Ferguson Riots & Privileged White Kids Who Can’t Get Jobs…

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I’ve been told by a black friend that I, as a white person, can’t know the fear that permeates the mind of a black man when they are stopped by a cop, knowing that they can be harassed, arrested or killed simply for the crime of being black. That’s true. I can’t. The truth is,… Read more »


NSA, FBI, IRS and the 4th Amendment: Why freedom matters…

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I remember once when I was in college I took a trip home to the DC metro area with my girlfriend. She and I went to the movies not far from where my mother lived in a rather rough part of town called Capitol Heights, MD. I have no idea what we saw. I do… Read more »


The Police State of Obamaville

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When people think of a police state, they usually think of heavily armed, uniformed police kicking in doors and dragging out family members in the dark of the night. A police state doesn’t require police kicking down your door… at least not in the beginning, particularly when one is evolving from some other form of… Read more »

Our lives depend on incompetent guardians- or is it even worse than that?

Our lives depend on incompetent guardians- or is it even worse than that?

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The more we learn about the Brothers Tarnaev the more frightening the whole thing becomes. Our lives are dependent on incompetent fools. To wit: Tamerlan Tsarnaev was put on two terror watch lists in 2011 U.S. authorities put alleged Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev on two separate watch lists in 2011 after Russian security agencies twice… Read more »


The increasingly strange case of David Petraeus [Reader Post]

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What we think we know thus far

Paula Broadwell met Gen. David Petraeus in 2006 and wrote a dissertation about Petraeus’ leadership style and subsequently decided to write a book about it in 2008.

Broadwell was granted impressive access to Petraeus and his workings.


This Week’s Events 3/27/2011 [Reader Post]

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Egyptian television people are beginning to say that the Muslim Brotherhood have taken over the Egyptian revolution, and the revolutionary youth have been replaced by bearded men with guns.

A group of Muslims attacked Ayman Anwar Mitri, a 45 year old Christian Coptic man in the Upper Egyptian town of Qena, cutting off his ear. The Muslims claimed they were applying Sharia law because Mr. Mitri allegedly had an illicit affair with a Muslim woman. Mr. Mitri, a low grade administrator at a secondary school, from elHasweya, in Qena, 492 KM from Cairo, had rented his flat to two Muslim sisters, Abeer and Sabrin Saif Al-Nasr, through an agent. After nine months he learned the sisters had been indicted for prostitution, so he asked them to leave and they did.

Justice Dept. And FBI Reluctant To Investigate Obama Despite Strong Evidence Of Malfeasance [Reader Post]

Justice Dept. And FBI Reluctant To Investigate Obama Despite Strong Evidence Of Malfeasance [Reader Post]

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President Obama has teamed with former President Clinton to flaunt a self-perceived invincibility and a position of being above the law.