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rolling stone rape fantasy

Why the Senate Intelligence Committee is like Rolling Stone magazine

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Rolling Stone magazine has committed a series of astonishing journalistic blunders of late: Rolling Stone magazine has blown it again. First it outraged New Englanders by putting a photo of the accused Boston Marathon bomber on its July 2013 cover — after the horrific terror attack that killed three people and injured more than 260… Read more »

Feinstein demands ban on high capacity pressure cookers

Feinstein demands ban on high capacity pressure cookers

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SAN FRANCISCO — Dianne Feinstein has long been one of the Senate’s strongest advocates for pressure cooker control. But few people may know that the California Democrat used to cook for herself. At one time she was highly regarded as an aspiring chef and could wield a mean pressure cooker. Her favorite recipe was for… Read more »

Obama's gun plan takes shape

Obama’s gun plan takes shape

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In an interview with the New Republic Barack Obama hinted at his gun control plans. Part of the plan is to undermine Republicans from the start. President Obama is suggesting that House Republicans on the issue of gun control appear neither willing to work with him nor listen to the American public on the issue…. Read more »


Why Bush didn’t get Bin Laden [Reader Post]

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All that stuff you hear from democrats, and Obama himself, about Bush failing to get Bin Laden and taking his eye off the ball is total crap. Obama and democrats fought tooth and nail to rip Bush’s eyes off of Bin Laden. They did their damnedest to prevent Bush from getting Bin Laden.

George Bush was dealing with 3000 dead innocent Americans in the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor. He needed intel to work from. He needed information. He needed help.

Say What 12/15/2010 Edition (Reader Post)

Say What 12/15/2010 Edition (Reader Post)

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Liberals: President Jimmy Carter concerning our troops in Afghanistan): “I don’t think we have the capability or the will to actually prevail militarily over the Taliban. That seems to me to be an almost hopeless case.” More brilliance from Jimmy Carter: “The richer people in America are getting richer and richer. The poorer people in… Read more »