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Was David Petraeus blackmailed over Benghazi?

Was David Petraeus blackmailed over Benghazi?

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The Benghazi affair is on fire and it could possibly go nuclear soon. It is now very clear that the Obama regime scrubbed the truth from the Benghazi talking points. Politics: It would be naïve to expect any White House to ignore the political implications of a foreign policy crisis occurring two months before a… Read more »


The increasingly strange case of David Petraeus [Reader Post]

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What we think we know thus far

Paula Broadwell met Gen. David Petraeus in 2006 and wrote a dissertation about Petraeus’ leadership style and subsequently decided to write a book about it in 2008.

Broadwell was granted impressive access to Petraeus and his workings.


Romney-Betrayus would smash Obama-Biden [Reader Post]

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Rumor has it Mitt Romney is considering naming Gen David Petraeus as his VP nominee. Because I am a cynic, I have several thoughts.

One, this would be so cool. To the left this ticket would be known as Romney-Betrayus, Betray-us being the name given to Petraeus by the left.