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Defending Liberty (Guest Post)

Defending Liberty (Guest Post)

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We exist in a vast sea of ignorance and lack of understanding in regards to history, politics, and ideology. Not to mention the implications of each upon our nation and civilization. Perhaps we should not be surprised that large segments of society can’t put the Civil War in the correct century or begin to find… Read more »


Conservative Principles and the Common Man (Guest Post)

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The raging, twenty-four-seven political debates that virtually consume social media, many news sites, and entire cable stations is mostly filled with cheap shots, one-liners, bumper sticker slogans, and the same tired, half-truth arguments. The endless, partisan maneuvering and jockeying for power among the political parties and branches of government often completely masks the fact that… Read more »


Romney-Santorum [Reader Post]

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Mitt Romney will beat Barack Obama and he will beat Obama for the same reasons some conservatives don’t like him. I am well aware that some of my fellow authors here find Romney less than ideal but I do believe the future of this country depends on Barack Obama being defeated in November and a Romney-Santorum ticket is just what is needed.

Strange Case Of Disappearing Fish

Strange Case Of Disappearing Fish

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A friend of mine in Idaho has about forty horses, he doesn’t need them, very few people really need horses, but he loves them and that is good enough for him. He lives on the South side of the Snake, in a semi-desert area. He does a little farming and ranching, has excellent irrigation water… Read more »

Proud To Be Red…And Right! [Reader Post]

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The American voters have cast their ballots, and the decision has been made. Barack Obama is our new President Elect. First of all, let me be gracious in defeat. I would like to congratulate Senator Obama for attaining the highest office in our nation. Senator Obama ran a superb campaign, and the final vote tallies show… Read more »