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For Marco Rubio being right on Barack Obama was a Pyrrhic victory

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Marco Rubio’s campaign seems to have crashed on the rocks because of his… shall we say somewhat repetitive use of the phrase “Obama knows what he’s doing”, but the truth is, he was 100% right. The reason that so many people scoff at the notion that Obama knows what he’s doing is because the very… Read more »

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Libya- Hillary’s gift to ISIS. Now the JV team has chemical weapons

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  Obama’s favorite JV team has chemical weapon and a new home in which to grow, courtesy of Hillary Clinton. In testimony before the Armed Serves Committee DNI James Clapper confirmed that ISIS has produced and used chemical weapons. The nation’s top intelligence official confirmed Tuesday that the Islamic State has succeeded in making and… Read more »

What Jefferson and others really thought of Islam

What Jefferson and others really thought of Islam

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  Barack Obama made his first visit to a US mosque a few days ago and then scolded America for its concerns about Islam. He reminded the audience that Jefferson himself was once accused of being a Muslim. “Look it up” dared obama. So I did. Obama then went on to do what he always does-… Read more »

Hillary: "It's a vast left wing conspiracy!"- UPDATED

Hillary: “It’s a vast left wing conspiracy!”- UPDATED

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  Sheesh. Seems like there’s one around every corner. Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCollough wrote a letter to to senior lawmakers in Congress informing them that “several dozen” Hillary Clinton emails stored on her pathetic private non-secure server contained information known as “Special Access Programs”, which is regarded even above Top Secret. Hillary now is… Read more »

Obama bows to Iran again, pays the ransom in another bad deal

Obama bows to Iran again, pays the ransom in another bad deal

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  When it comes to erecting a hollow legacy, there seems to be nothing too low for Barack Obama. Bad deals are par for the course. Not long ago Obama swapped 5 high value detainees for one deserter. Smelling Obama’s fear, Iran jacked up the price for the current deal. First, Iran trampled UN Security… Read more »

GM was bailed out so it could move jobs to China

GM was bailed out so it could move jobs to China

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  Barack Obama took another one of his endless “victory laps” the other day. This time he was boasting about his role as savior of the auto industry. President Barack Obama, who has taken several victory laps to celebrate the successful U.S. bailout of General Motors and Chrysler in 2009, said today he is planning… Read more »

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Obama pretends to be bewildered by the environment of hatred he created

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    Today Barack Obama stood before a gaggle of idiots and channeled John Boehner. Good God, I couldn’t wait for Boehner to leave lest we have to endure his crying one more time. So what does Obama do? He channels Boehner and sets loose a torrent of crocodile tears carefully summoned to convince you that… Read more »

Iran is kicking Obama's ass around. It's embarrassing.

Iran is kicking Obama’s ass around. It’s embarrassing.

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  As most of us do, I get news update emails. I’ve been watching with interest as a series of them regarding Iran arrived, and if it didn’t prove how utterly incompetent Obama is it would be laugh out loud funny. Remember those “snap-back” sanctions Obama promised us if Iran violated any nuclear deal? April… Read more »

Islamists have a friend in high places

Islamists have a friend in high places

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  Long before the day I was graciously afforded the opportunity to write on this blog I have been contemptuous of Barack Obama. Time has only heightened that contempt. Two stories that parallel each other demonstrate just how badly Barack Obama will compromise the US for the sake of his hubris. The jihadista of San Bernardino, Malik… Read more »

Inelegant, but not inaccurate

Inelegant, but not inaccurate

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  I dislike Donald Trump, but I am starting to really hate the media. This morning on the Today show NBC News reporter Kristen Welker spoke of Donald Trump and his plan: “banning Muslims from entering the US” she said. Over at the New Republic Brian Beutler adds Trump’s plan to prohibit Muslim immigration into… Read more »