Clinton and Goldman Sachs — Why Such Duplicity?

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We are witnessing the disintegration of globalist plans for supranational authority over us from some unknown distant locale. In Europe, with spasms of stupidity, they attempted to instil fear in the hearts of Brits to no avail.  Donald Trump’s support has come in large part to his pushback on globalism and its principles of trade… Read more »


Rally of Deceit: Refugee Organizers Play to Empty House (Guest Post)

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  What if they gave a rally and nobody came? ‘We’re going to change history today,’ the master of ceremonies at the August 28, 2016 DCRally4Refugees proclaimed – incongruously – to a mostly empty house. The rally was timed to build support for the UN’s September 19th Refugee Summit and President Obama’s plan to seed… Read more »


I can feel it coming in the air tonight…oh Lord

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  Full. Blown Panic. As the polls showing a Hillary Clinton lead narrow, democrats are now in full blown panic mode.  Barack Obama is book ending his Presidency with another apology tour in Laos in which he painted Americans as “lazy” and “racist.” As Clinton continues to dissemble about her emails FBI Director James Comey… Read more »

The allergy excuse makes Hillary look even more unfit

The allergy excuse makes Hillary look even more unfit

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  Despite the networks almost completely ignoring Hillary Clinton’s coughing fits and the Washington Post beseeching the media to not cover it, something is wrong with Clinton. Clinton is dismissing her physical ailment as pollen-induced “allergies.” I’m not buying it. Here’s a list of allergy symptoms: sneezing wheezing nasal congestion coughing itchy, watery eyes runny nose… Read more »


Need help deciding which horrible candidate to vote for in 2016? Imperfect America’s Election Decision Engine

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I for one am dismayed beyond imagination about the political situation the United States finds itself in today. We may be seeing the worst pair of candidates to grace the top of the main party tickets in the history of the country. Both are morally corrupt. Both are arrogant, self centered and greedy. Both are… Read more »

obama moves to seize control of the 2016 Presidential election

obama moves to seize control of the 2016 Presidential election

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  “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin What could go wrong? Paul Bedard: Even before the FBI identified new cyber attacks on two separate state election boards, the Department of Homeland Security began considering declaring the election a “critical infrastructure,” giving… Read more »

Maher and Moore breach La Guardia Airport security. That's a crime. Where's the law?

Maher and Moore breach La Guardia Airport security. That’s a crime. Where’s the law?

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  In an misguided effort to grab attention to themselves, Michael Moore and Bill Maher hopped the security fence at LaGuardia airport to take selfies along side Donald Trump’s private jet.       The gag was about finding Trump’s taxes. Very funny The problem is, this is a crime. Specifically, Third Degree Trespass. A… Read more »