US President Barack Obama reacts to his putt on the first green as he plays golf at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts on the island of Martha's Vineyard August 7, 2016. / AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM        (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Obama Stays On Vacation As Louisiana Begs For Help.

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Baton Rouge newspaper begging Obama to visit their flood disaster Vacation or not, a hurting Louisiana needs you now, President Obama Now that the flood waters ravaging Louisiana are receding, it’s time for President Barack Obama to visit the most anguished state in the union. Last week, as torrential rains brought death, destruction and misery… Read more »

A vote for Clinton is a vote for the New World Order and an end to the United States of America

A vote for Clinton is a vote for the New World Order and an end to the United States of America

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  Worried about Trump? You should be worried about the left wing elites. It is their goal to establish a new and one world order, with themselves in control. Six years ago I warned you about George Soros. Soros is the self-loathing Jew who said his happiest days were spent with his father ratting out… Read more »

Black cop shoots black perp. The response? Hunt down whites

Black cop shoots black perp. The response? Hunt down whites

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  Welcome to obama’s America. A 23 year old black man with a long rap sheet, Sylville K. Smith, was shot in Milwaukee after a traffic stop when he ran from officers and then turned toward them with a handgun: The man who was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer on Saturday – an… Read more »


Hillary Clinton: Where George Orwell Meets the Borg…

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A few months ago, with his usual hyperbole Donald Trump boasted that he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and his supporters would still vote for him. Sadly, I think he’s probably right. What’s becoming more apparent every day however is that Hillary Clinton could probably make the same boast with equal… Read more »


Help Me Out Trump Fans, this Tinfoil Hat is Getting too Comfortable

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I really dislike conspiracy theories. By taking the focus away from valid points that should be debated and take up oxygen on discussion that is just plain dishonest. Do you know what I dislike even more? That would be patterns of credible evidence emerge that make the conspiracy theories start to sound rational. As I… Read more »

Get out, Donald. Get out now.

Get out, Donald. Get out now.

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  It is time for Donald Trump to get out of this race. It’s the only hope the GOP has of stopping Hillary Clinton’s coronation. Donald Trump is an idiot. He is an a$$hole. There’s no other way to say it. It’s a shame that so many people put their faith in him. He is… Read more »

A country full of idiots

A country full of idiots

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  Five years ago I said it. You are an idiot to believe anything obama says. I told you barack obama is an inherently dishonest man. He has not disappointed me, but America has. America is a country full of idiots who bitterly cling to their obama religion. obama not only lies, he and his… Read more »


Who Fathered ISIS?

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Trump has called Obama the “father of ISIS” and the media are salivating over apparent red meat. Especially when doubling down: “Last night you said that the president was the founder of ISIS,” said radio host Hugh Hewitt in a Thursday interview with Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. “I know what you meant. You meant… Read more »


The Obamacare Titlewave: Waste, Fraud & Unaffordable Care (Guest Post)

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  Get Ready! A new wave of Obamacare problems is heading into the shore this coming year. Since its founding, the federal government has used billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up the universal healthcare plan, but that funding is soon coming to an end. The healthcare initiative was built on a weak foundation and… Read more »