The Today Show ambushes Sarah Palin

The Today Show ambushes Sarah Palin

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  Once again Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie proved themselves to be the left wing slime buckets I regard them to be. This morning they hosted Sarah Palin on the Today Show ostensibly to talk about her endorsement of Donald Trump. Now see how this is portrayed by the author Stump: Sarah Palin joined TODAY on… Read more »


How can The Left Call Conservatives Anti-Science When they Are So Violently Anti-Math? (Part 1 of 5)

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“Proof is for mathematical theorems and alcoholic beverages. It’s not for science.” – Mann Washington Posts’s Steven Mufson and Joby Warrick gave a glowing account of President Obama’s warnings on Climate Change: “The growing threat of climate change could define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other,” Obama said in a speech… Read more »

If you can't prosecute Hillary Clinton, then you can't prosecute Edward Snowden

If you can’t prosecute Hillary Clinton, then you can’t prosecute Edward Snowden

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  “Names of all US foreign covert operatives found on Hillary Clinton non-secure email server. ‘They weren’t marked classified at the time’ says Clinton.” Just waiting to see that headline. Hillary Clinton’s entire life has been one of abusing the rules. She and her louse husband truly believe they are not bound by the same… Read more »


You’ll Never Guess Who Came Up With Some Brilliant Debate Questions

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As the title of this post suggests, you’re probably guessing it wasn’t a source you’d expect to find intelligent questions. And you’d be correct! Longtime readers of mine will recognize one of my favorite sources for pure, unadulterated leftism – that’s right, The Nation! One newsletter this week featured a gem from Andrew J. Bacevich… Read more »

Just before caucus, Hillary abandons Iowa and courts her real constituency- Wall St

Just before caucus, Hillary abandons Iowa and courts her real constituency- Wall St

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  Each October the cliff swallows leave California and in March they come back to Capistrano. Similarly, Hillary Clinton spends a few weeks on the road but then has to return to Wall St. bankers, her one true constituency. Hillary did several cameos (including bowling!) doing her best to convince the people of Iowa that gives a… Read more »


Slaying The Left’s Demon: Why There’s Nothing Right About Fascism (Guest Post)

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On New Year’s Eve 2015, around one thousand immigrants sexually assaulted hundreds of female revellers in the German city of Cologne. It subsequently emerged that mobs of immigrants in other European cities had also assaulted women in what are clearly organized attacks. You may remember the cathedral of Cologne turning off its lights to oppose… Read more »

Trump reveals his Achilles' heel- UPDATED

Trump reveals his Achilles’ heel- UPDATED

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  My Spidey sense is tingling. As you well know, there is an ongoing feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. Kelly called out Trump about with comments he made in the past about women: The feud between Trump and Kelly first started last August at the very first Republican presidential debate. The two had… Read more »

Hillary's coughing fits are symptoms of pulmonary emboli

Hillary’s coughing fits are symptoms of pulmonary emboli

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  Hillary Clinton has suffered from two highly public fits of coughing.  One occurred  during her Benghazi testimony and the other occurred on Monday. This was Benghazi:   This one took place on Monday This is significant now. First, let’s backtrack. In 2012 Clinton developed a cerebral blood clot (i.e. tranverse sinus thrombosis) which resulted most likely consequent… Read more »

Hillary: Big banks paid me zillions of dollars to hear about my role in the Bin Laden raid

Hillary: Big banks paid me zillions of dollars to hear about my role in the Bin Laden raid

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  Did you know that Hillary Clinton was the one who shot Osama Bin Laden? Neither did I until the other day. From 2013 to 2015 Hillary Clinton sucked in nearly $3 million dollars from Wall St banks. In just 12 speeches. Clinton’s most lucrative year was 2013, right after stepping down as secretary of… Read more »