When China takes out our GPS satellites, you can thank the Clintons and Obama

When China takes out our GPS satellites, you can thank the Clintons and Obama

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  An article appeared today about China’s out of control space station: China’s first space station is hurtling towards earth amid fears the country’s space program has “lost control” of the module. Chinese authorities have revealed the Tiangong-1 station was falling back to Earth and would enter the atmosphere some time late next year. But… Read more »


Veep Pick Kaine Fails to Contradict Findings in Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Bill (Guest Post)

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  The following questions were sent to Sen. Tim Kaine’s press secretary on September 8, 2016 and again on September 12, 2016, both times with a deadline of close of business September 13, 2016 for any response or request for extension of time. Would Sen. Kaine vote in favor of S.2230 – Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist… Read more »

Clinton endorses Trump's immigration stance

Clinton endorses Trump’s immigration stance

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  Donald Trump has been widely scorned by the liberal elite for his stances on immigration. Trump called for a pause in immigration to “find out what’s going on.” Not unexpectedly, that statement was bastardized by the liberal media into a total and complete ban on Muslims for all time. In August Trump refined his… Read more »


The Tragedy of War

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Journal entry: January 16, 1858,- Captain, E. Montcreif, Queen’s Light Cavalry.   Tomorrow morning, my young cousin Edward and I sail with the tide for America. Edward’s father purchased a commission for him and he is officially a subaltern (unassigned, lower officer)  in my old cavalry unit, The Queen’s Light Horse. Edward is eighteen and… Read more »

Peculiar Diagnosis

Tis the Quality of the Lie That Matters

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  During the reign of King George I, in 1726, the country village of Goldaming in the county of Surrey had a bizarre incident that was challenging the modern science of obstetrics. John Howard had been practicing midwifery for thirty years. By the standards of the day, he was considered a competent obstetrician. However, conventional… Read more »

House Intell Committee:  Snowden Damaged his Country

House Intell Committee: Snowden Damaged his Country

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Patriot or traitor? I said traitor. And stick by that: Summarizing its investigation of Edward Snowden, the House Intelligence Committee says the former National Security Agency contractor did tremendous damage to the U.S. The committee published the summary findings of a two-year investigation today as a new film about Snowden opens across the country. Snowden… Read more »

When are we going to ask Chelsea about her father "still d*cking bimbos at home"?

When are we going to ask Chelsea about her father “still d*cking bimbos at home”?

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  Desperate to smother the issue of Hillary Clinton’s physical debilitation and her “deplorables” remarks the media has take to slapping Ivanka Trump around with past quotes from her father. Interview implosions are not specific to cable news. Sometimes, they happen in print. In fact, when they do, it’s almost more shocking. Here’s a good… Read more »


Wall Street Wealth Addiction and National Leadership . . . To Where?

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This week we were treated to insight into extensive banking corruption as Wells Fargo fired thousands of employees for creating fictional client accounts and moving client money into such accounts, without permission.  The so-called “cross-selling” and opening of as many as 2,000,000 such accounts, some for non-existing clients, has resulted in the terminations of 5,300… Read more »

Colin Powell lies down with snakes and wonders why he got bit

Colin Powell lies down with snakes and wonders why he got bit

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  A year ago Colin Powell stated that he is still a Republican and was remaining a Republican only to annoy conservatives: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell joked that he identifies as a Republican to annoy the GOP’s right-wing. “Yes, I’m still a Republican,” he said about his party affiliation during the Washington Ideas… Read more »