Why the h*** hasn’t this happened already???

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Bill: Require in-state tuition for GI Bill vets

Public colleges and universities would be pressured to charge in-state tuition for nonresident veterans under bipartisan legislation introduced Tuesday in the House of Representatives.

The GI Bill Tuition Fairness Act would bar public colleges and universities from being approved to receive any veterans’ education benefits unless they charge the same rate of tuition and fees for nonresident veterans as they do for in-state students.

Army Times

Illegals can get in-state tuition! It’s atrocious that this already isn’t law.

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    @Nan G:

    Certainly you jest? You can’t really be serious that you think a state should be able to require you to obtain a medical prescription before you can, as an adult, purchase a legal item.

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    All the vets have to do is go to Mexico, become a Mexican citizen, sneak across the border into the USA, and they, as an illegal, will not only get a FREE education, but free medical care, and more of my Social Security money than I am getting.

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    All the vets have to do is go to Mexico, become a Mexican citizen, sneak across the border into the USA, and they, as an illegal, will not only get a FREE education, but free medical care, and more of my Social Security money than I am getting.

    I thought Vets could already go to school anywhere and have in-State tuition. Every school I’ve gone to have offered it to me, just because I was a Vet. My degree is a culmination of Illinois, East Michigan, Maryland, Florida State, Louisiana State, and the University of Phoenix. One of the first things I was asked at any college was whether or not I was active duty or a Vet.
    About the illegal thing…..illegals can’t just show up in a State and get in-State tuition. They have to have lived in the State for a certain period of time. Because they are illegal, they can’t claim legal residency in the State. We can debate whether or not it is right to give illegals in-State tuition or not; but to claim they can pop up from Mexico or wherever and just get in-State tuition is inaccurate.

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    This bill should also address the dependents of these GIs since they can use the GI benifits. When I was stationed in Colorado, I was not able to attend any state universities until I declared residency for 12 months. That meant I needed to chainge my state of residency every time I moved to a new state. My voting documents were screwed up and my licensing of my vehicles were also screwed up. After a year, I could attend with instate tuition, then after a year, I would be moved to a new state and this started all over again.

    Another issue. When the allowances for tuition for the GI bill were increased to cover tuition books and other costs, the in state tuition also raised putting the GI back in the same situation of needing to borrow additional funds.

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    @Aqua: #4
    I was being mostly sarcastic, but there are a lot of illegals who are getting free schooling and medical care. There have even been schools and hospitals who closed because they couldn’t charge the illegals, and there weren’t enough paying people to pay the bills. There are also illegals getting a bigger Social Security check each month than I am. congress is now working on giving them unemployment benefits. congress wants to take better care of the illegals than they do WE THE PEOPLE.

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    @retire05: 05, I agree with you about that prescription thing for cigarettes, I guess that would mean about 90% of the smokers in Oregon would be buying their smokes in a neighboring state.
    Other subject: College tuition. Each state should have their own rule about who they charge in-state rates to. I was from Ga, and went to NC State as an in-state student due to a scholarship I had, even though I also used the GI Bill. I never knew or asked if the GI Bill entitled me to in-state, but I don’t think it did.
    I do think that active military should get in-state in the state they are stationed in. It actually costs states to educate persons in colleges and if one state were a heavy favorite for vets from out of state, it could be very expensive to the state. That’s why I think it should be up to a state to decide if they want to carry that burden.

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