Why I’m Enlisting In Andrew Breitbart’s War

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Matthew Boyle @ Big Journalism:

I’m enlisting to fight in Andrew Breitbart’s war.

The political class in Washington has degraded America. Republicans and Democrats blame each other, and nothing gets done. The media exacerbates the problem, fans the flames and encourages false notions of “civility” and “objectivity” while pushing “bipartisanship” that doesn’t actually solve problems.

While this charade perpetuates indefinitely, America grows weaker. She’s digging herself deeper into debt and isn’t even searching for solutions to her problems. Entitlements and government overspending gets worse every day while laws go unenforced and Americans are murdered in terrorist attacks. Nobody in Washington seems to care.

The institutional left thrives in this declining environment. Record numbers of people are on the government dole instead of being excited to work and succeed. So-called “social justice” is implemented in place of real justice. Kids across the country are fed “Occupy” propaganda in school after their teachers take away their home-made lunches in place of “cafeteria nuggets.”

Many political consultants and career politicians on both the left and the right think this is a game. It’s not.

The journalists at Breitbart News know that. And they show it day in and day out. That’s why I’m joining them.

For the past few years, I’ve worked as a reporter at The Daily Caller. It’s been the best time of my life. I learned a lot. I broke several stories. But in my time there, I’ve seen some really bad things happening to our country.

Political consultants and politicians of both Democratic and Republican stripes profit off the status quo. So does the mainstream media. For instance, while it would have served everyone but Sen. Claire McCaskill (and her wealthy husband who cuts business deals on the Senate dining room floor) well for Congressman Todd Akin to step out of his race for U.S. Senate in Missouri after the “legitimate rape” magic vagina episode he created for himself, Akin stayed in – at the urging of the political consultants running his campaign. Those political consultants who convinced Akin to abandon logic to try to fight McCaskill cashed in on Akin. Win or lose, they walked away pockets loaded. They didn’t care about the country. Meanwhile, the mainstream media’s outright refusal to thoroughly investigate Sen. McCaskill and her husband’s business dealings means they’ll get handed freebie stories from McCaskill’s office over the next six years.

The Akin disaster is but one of many examples – albeit a much bolder one than average – of the political consulting class endangering the welfare of the American people as part of an effort to line its pockets and keep itself in power.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign operated similarly – consultant-driven, populous-ignored. Romney should have waltzed into the White House as the next president of the United States. Instead, he strolled into the presidential residence last week to have lunch with the man he should have beaten.

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