White House Heralds Obama’s Unanimously Rejected Fiscal Plan As Base For Fiscal Cliff Deal…

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Zip @ Weasel Zippers:

Wishful thinking.

The White House stressed that the offer made to congressional Republicans last week is similar to the proposals that President Barack Obama made in his fiscal year 2013 plan – a proposal that was defeated unanimously in the Democratic-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled House last year.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney also referenced that unemployment is higher under Obama than under President George W. Bush.

“What is remarkable – and I was struck by this even on the Sunday shows – to this day, December 2012, how few people are aware of what was a highly detailed specific proposal the president put out in September of 2011, and these issues were all in there,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Monday.

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3 Responses to “White House Heralds Obama’s Unanimously Rejected Fiscal Plan As Base For Fiscal Cliff Deal…”

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    Nan G

    According to the Dems themselves, they rejected Obama’s 2011 Budget because it was not as good as his 2011 George Washington University speech about a budget.
    Remember that speech?

    Douglas Elmendorf, the director of the Congressional Budget Office, told the House Budget Committee this morning that his office was unable to estimate the long-term viability of the “budget framework” President Obama outlined in his April 13 budget speech.

    “We don’t estimate speeches,” said Elmendorf.

    To Obama the speech was, “words, just words.”
    He could lie and magnify, deceive and obfuscate.

    But to Dems those pretty campaign words were better than any real ”plan.”
    Real plans are to be avoided, like the Plague.

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    Hard Right

    Look, obama and the dems do not want an agreement. If the GOP caves and gives them everything they want, they’ll take it, but that is not their goal. They want everyone’s taxes to go up. Then they can ride to the rescue with a tax reduction and claim credit while blaming the GOP for the increase.
    They are playing long ball while boehner and co. are playing T-ball.

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