Van Jones: We’re in ‘a post-hope Democratic Party’

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Is former White House green czar Van Jones trying to replace President Obama as leader of the progressive Democratic movement? He says Obama can’t do the job, as president, and

“I saw the misfires: how the White House didn’t really understand the grassroots movement; the grassroots movement certainly didn’t understand the grassroots movement,” Jones said on Morning Joe yesterday. “And there was this ‘hope’ bubble that collapsed . . . [we’re in a] post-hope Democratic Party.”

“How do we recognize that President Obama, a great president, cannot also be a social movement leader?” he asked. Jones wrote a book, Rebuild the Dream, attempting to answer that question.

Jones is now attempting to lead a social movement. The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard reports today that Jones is launching “an Egypt-styled ‘Arab Spring,'” designed to rally “the 99 percent.”

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