US Climate Agency Pretends That The Satellite Era Began in 1979

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stevengoddard @ Real Science:

NSIDC wants us to believe that satellite measurements began in 1979.

But satellite records go back much further, and showed ice gain in the 12 years prior to 1979. Paul Homewood found this quote from the CRU Director HH Lamb

Kukla & Kukla (1974) report that the area of snow and ice, integrated over the year across the Northern Hemisphere, was 12% more in 1973 than in 1967, when the first satellite surveys were made.

HH Lamb–“Climate: Present, Past & Future–Vol 2”–In Review–Part II « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

From 1974 to 1979, the IPCC showed another large gain, based on satellite data which NSIDC ignores.

If NSIDC showed the complete satellite data set, people would know that Arctic behavior was cyclical, as we can see in the original GISS temperature graph from Iceland

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Thanks for that link. Perhaps some of our friends on the Right who regard climate change as a hoax will appreciate market-based movement on it, as described in this article about a subject dear to my heart: oyster harvesters.

    Unlike other problems caused by CO2, ocean acidification is spurring some action, possibly because the effects are so visibly tied to the cause. “With climate change there’s often a schism between scientists and those who flat out don’t want to believe it,” says Green. “It’s hard to get a man to believe something if his job depends on not believing it.” But in this case, he says, it’s the people in the industry who are leading awareness. “Talk to shellfish clammers—the guys who dig—and every one of them is on board, especially the old timers. They have seen over the years the populations go from incredibly productive to virtually disappearing in many cases.” One bit of anecdotal evidence diggers have reported is clams with thinner shells—so thin, they say, that sometimes it’s not possible to fill bushel baskets to the top because the fragile shells at the bottom will be crushed.

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    Nan G

    Obama succeeded in shutting down the Drakes Bay Oyster Company, the last oyster cannery in California, 2012.
    Also in 2012 the last sardine cannery in America closed due to Obama’s environmental constraints.
    Daniel Greenfield:

    The Drakes Bay Oyster Company, which produced 40 percent of California’s oysters, did its best to win over environmentalists, touting its sustainability and its ecological commitments, but that was no use, because you cannot negotiate with or win over fanatics, whether they are Salafist Jihadists, Bolsheviks or Environmentalists, whose only goal is to wipe all things that do not fit into their belief system and ideology off the face of the earth.

    Ice growth and shrinkage is cyclic.
    But Obama’s deceit is using only partial data to push his agenda.

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    How does CO2 emissions on Earth cause global warming elsewhere (Mars, Neptune) in the solar system? Could it be that the Sun as a little to say about it and we humans cannot effect it one way or another?

    We have had warming and cooling for centuries. Man is neither the cause or the cure.

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    Well the Mars atmosphere is very very thin. On the surface of Mars the atmospheric pressure is about the same as Earth’s at 35 miles high. Venus is much different it has a very heavy atmosphere 96% of which is CO2. The CO2 ( the green house gas that causes heat build up on Earth) does the same on Venus BUT because of its greater concentration it results in far higher surface temps on Venus. The temps there usually run about 900 F. Gotta watch out when there is too much CO2 ! It is not the difference in distance from the Sun that makes the big difference it is in the planet’s atmosphere. And yes the climate is changing, and quicker than humans have ever see.

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    @Nan G: 35 jobs lost BUT the Park provides at least 10 times that many jobs. That Park gets 2.5 million visitors each year who want to see a Marine Sanctuary. Go on up and see it.

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    We have lost 50% of the ice since 1970 when we first had ANY sat pictures, The US Navy believes that the Arctic will be ice free in summer by 2020 and will not be able to hide its missile subs under the ice cap. Cyclical ? yeah of course but what we are worrying about is the near term 100-200 years not 200 million years ago. In the long run, well we are all dead anyway.

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