U.S. Deficit “Unexpectedly” Jumps To $172 Billion In November

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Trivia Tidbit of the Day: Part 961 — November Deficits

The Federal Government’s latest Monthly Treasury Statement for November 2012shows that we probably need to hit the “undo” button about a hundred seventy-two billion times and just start over.

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Since 2009, in just the month of November, federal tax revenue increased from $133.6 billion to $161.7 billion, a quite robust increase of more than $28 billion, or 21%. Meanwhile, federal spending increased from $253.9 billion to $333.8 billion, an absurd increase of just under $80 billion, or 31.5%. Remember, this is just one month– November– we’re looking at. And 2009 spending levels were already elevated in the midst of what was to be temporary federal stimulus. The Keynesian-inspired, stimulus-driven deficit was already enormous and unsustainable in November of 2009, but it was more than 43% larger in November of this year.

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2 Responses to “U.S. Deficit “Unexpectedly” Jumps To $172 Billion In November”

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    Nan G

    Please remember

    “2009 spending levels were already elevated in the midst of what was to be temporary federal stimulus.”

    It is why Dems refuse to create and pass any budget, even one straight from Obama.
    That elevated stimulus spending level has become part of the ”new normal” on which each year since 2009 our spending has ballooned up.
    IF a REAL budget goes into effect the Dems LOSE that false bottom of nearly $1 trillion.
    And they have already baked the extra money into their budget pie each year since.

  2. 2


    there was the costly election, those GOOGLE experts
    did not work for nothing in the underground platform,

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