Top Ten Obama Lies Of The Second Debate

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Joel B. Pollak @ Big Government:

The Second Presidential Debate featured repeated claims by each candidate that the other was not telling the truth–as well as at least one claim of fact by the moderator that turned out to be false. There were even questionable claims by the audience itself. Here are the top ten worst lies told during the Second Debate:

10. “I told you I would cut taxes for middle-class families, and I did. I told you I’d cut taxes for small businesses, and I have.” President Barack Obama has made this claim repeatedly during the campaign, but it is not true, as even the liberal Huffington Post acknowledges. The few tax cuts that Obama did enact–such as the temporary payroll tax holiday–were short-term, or conditional. Furthermore, as the Romney campaign has often pointed out, Obama has raised many taxes on the middle class, including the infamous Obamacare “penalty,” and his taxes on “millionaires and billionaires” would hit small businesess.

9. “…[H]e was asked, is it fair for somebody like you, making $20 million a year, to pay a lower tax rate than a nurse or a bus driver….And he said, yes, I think that’s fair.” Obama was referring to Romney’s recent 60 Minutes interview. But the transcript reveals Obama was not telling the truth. Romney was not saying it was fair that higher income should be taxed at a lower rate. He was referring specifically to the principle that capital gains should be taxed lower than other income because it has been taxed once already–a principle, incidentally, that Obama agrees with in his own tax policy.

8. “He called the Arizona law a model for the nation.” Obama tried to knock Romney’s immigration policy while at the same time accusing him of flip-flopping on the issue. But as Romney pointed out, he was referring specifically to the e-Verify part of the law–the requirement of instant verification of workers’ legal status. That provision is even favored by unions. Obama made it seem Romney praised the law as a whole–which he had not. He went on to say that he himself objected to the provision that allowed police to check suspected illegal immigrants’ documentation–but that provision survived a challenge at the Supreme Court.

7. “I want to make sure our timekeepers are working here.” For the third debate in a row, the Democratic candidate complained that he was not receiving as much time to speak as the Republican. And for the third debate in a row, the Obama/Biden ticket actually spoke for longer–much longer–than the Romney/Ryan ticket, a testament to the ability of the incumbents to pressure the moderators, and the susceptibility of the left-leaning moderators to such pressure. Obama received a full three minutes more time in last night’s debate–and the percentage difference was even higher at one point in the proceedings.

6. “They rely on it for mammograms.” Obama attacked Romney’s proposal to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood by claiming that the organization provides mammograms to women to help prevent breast cancer. It’s been a repeated claim made by the left for months. The problem is that it’s just untrue–and even left-leaning mainstream media fact-checkers have acknowledged that. What is perhaps worse than Obama’s misleading claim about mammograms is the unsupported implication that Romney wants to deny life-saving health care to women–a cheap shot to which Romney was given no chance to respond.

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3 Responses to “Top Ten Obama Lies Of The Second Debate”

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    These were the top 10 lies. There were many more since this man can simply not tell the truth. I believe he does not even know what the truth is any more.

  2. 2


    Obama may not be judged on the basis of truth or error.
    Whatever he says, he believes what he is saying at the moment he says it. He is truly existential; he lives in the moment. He is never influenced by his own past remarks or his own record. What he wants to be true at a given moment is therefore true to him.
    One cannot conduct a reasoned argument with such a person. Such a person cannot be questioned about what he has just said; the moment of that utterance is past; there is no record; all that matters is now.
    Thus Obama does not debate. He states his talking points. Neither his record nor the actual record of his opponent matter. All that matters is that he believes what he is saying.
    He believes himself to be the smartest person ever to be President. Therefore he is; the belief is not open to question, nor does it need to be proved.
    He believes himself to be a friend to Islam. Therefore he is; the assassination of our Ambassador is thus not his fault. He knows it is not his fault, therefore it is not.
    And so on.
    I hope the American people have begun to understand that the guy is unreal.

  3. 3


    yes he is unreal,
    a real person has a birth certificate ain’t it?
    he is from KENYA, INDONESIA, AND HE DOESN’T THINK AMERICAN, HIS MINDSET has been influence by those MUSLIM

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