Survivors of Rape Speak Out Against Gun Control: ‘I Was Denied the One Equalizing Factor That I Had’

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Tiffany Gabbay @ The Blaze:

On his Tuesday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck hosted a special guest panel comprising people who have survived the unspeakable atrocity of rape. What’s more, these guests maintain that their attack might have been prevented if they had been equipped with a means of self-defense. Many of the attacks occurred in gun-free zones, underscoring the reality that people of goodwill were left defenseless, while those with an intent to do harm still found a way to wreak their havoc.

Included on the panel was Amanda Collins, who was raped at gunpoint in a garage situated on her college campus. Her attacker, James Biela, had already raped two other women and murdered a third. He is now serving his sentence on Death Row.

It can and has certainly been argued that Collins, who was trained in the proper use of guns from childhood, could have stopped her attacker had she been carrying a weapon, and perhaps even saved other lives Biela would target next. According to Beck, Collins did in fact own a gun and had a concealed carry license but it was illegal to carry the firearm on her college campus.

“I was denied the one equalizing factor that I had,” she said.

Another panelist, Kim Corban Weeks was attacked and raped in her own home by an intruder. She escaped after convincing her attacker that she would not report the crime, but eerily, he remained at her residence to speak with her for an hour after the incident. Eventually he was apprehended and is now serving 24 years to life. Weeks is now an avid supporter of gun rights and is married to a police officer.

Also on the panel to share her thoughts was Wanda Mills, who, in 1993 was attacked while on a business trip in the town where she grew up. She was assaulted while jogging and abducted at knife-point, dragged into the woods, tied to trees, tortured, raped and worse for six hours. Mills was savvy enough to convince her rapist, Richard Riley, that one day they could fall in love. As soon as she got to the main road and saw her co-worker she screamed that she was alive.

Riley is now serving six life sentences.

Mills explained that even during the trauma, the body and mind is resilient and that she was contemplating a way to free herself the entire time. She is a pro-gun advocate and believe bureaucrats are abusing their power to add more gun laws than are currently in place.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

2 Responses to “Survivors of Rape Speak Out Against Gun Control: ‘I Was Denied the One Equalizing Factor That I Had’”

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    This is a lot more significant that the idiots the Left paraded around during the orchestrated War on Women BS.

    The anti gunners, the hoplophobes, the gun grabbers are all enabling rape, murder, robbery, and other violent crimes. They do this by inhibiting honest Citizens from having weapons, and by encouraging the criminals.

    Notice that the highest crime rates are in cities where gun ownership is most severely restricted: Chicago, New York, DC … Gun ownership in the US is up, and the death rate is down. Guns save lives.

    It is time to hold the anti-gunners personally responsible for the crimes they encourage and for the murders they advocate. Make them social pariahs. Call them out and denounce them.

    Hey, gun grabber, how many rapes did you enable, today?

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    The Obama administration is looking only for their protection, which is why they are providing free condoms, birth control and remember that Obama supports late term abortions up to a few weeks after birth. (Sarcasm: “off”)

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