Rove Declares War on Tea Party

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Ben Shapiro @ Breitbart:

The battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party has begun. On one side is the Tea Party. On the other side stands Karl Rove and his establishment team, posing as tacticians while quietly undermining conservatism.

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the “biggest donors in the Republican Party” have joined forces with Karl Rove and Steven J. Law, president of American Crossroads, to create the Conservative Victory Project. The Times reports that this new group will dedicate itself to “recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts who Republican leaders worry could complicate the party’s effort to win control of the Senate.” The group points to candidates like Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Richard Mourdock in Indiana as examples of Tea Party primary picks going sideways in major Senatorial battles.

But it is American Crossroads and its ilk that have run the GOP into the ground. Spending millions of dollars on useless 30,000-ft. advertising campaigns during the last election cycle, training candidates to soften conservatism in order to appeal to “moderates,” blowing up the federal budget under George W. Bush as a bipartisan tactic – all of those strategies led the party to a disastrous defeat in 2012. The Tea Party, which may nominate losers from time to time, also brought the Republicans their historic 2010 Congressional victory. If Tea Party candidates lose, it’s because they weren’t good candidates; if GOP establishment candidates lose, it’s because they weren’t good conservatives. The choice for actual conservatives should be easy.

But it isn’t. The Bush insider team that helped lead to the rise of Barack Obama insists that they, and only they, know the path to victory. As the Times reports, Conservative Victory Project won’t merely protect incumbents – it will challenge sitting Congresspeople of the Tea Party variety, including six-term Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, who may run for Senate. “We’re concerned about Steve King’s Todd Akin problem,” Law told the Times – with whom he seems far too friendly. “This is an example of candidate discipline and how it would play in a general election. All of the things he’s said are going to be hung around his neck.”

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    Daniel W. carson

    l believe that the Republican and Democratic systems in a true since have changed fundamentally to the worse, I also believe that the party’s has changed to the tune of not in the interest of the American people, but has became a currupt self serving entity, to where now you hear the word Liberal or Conservative has even change to become Authoritative in nature and stature…..

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    Poor Karl; he’s just not very bright these days. Guess he hasn’t gotten tired of being b!tch slapped by the voters of his [adopted] state yet. First, when he backed Kay Bailey Hutchison over Rick Perry and then when he backed David Dewhurst over Ted Cruz. Seems like his batting average has gone to the dogs and he needs to be moved down to the minor league.

    I have news for Rove. The Tea Party is creating the new GOP. They have had enough of the “good ole’ boy” politics that Rove continues to offer. The Tea Party are going to separate the wheat from the shaft (yeah, I meant shaft) and there is no place left for those like Rove who think that they are entitled to votes just because they have a [R] behind their names. And if the old GOP of back-slapping panderers who think that because they were elected once they deserve to hang on to their taxpayer funded paychecks in spite of selling conservative down the river, don’t to get out of the way, well, so be it. We’ll just roll right over them.

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    Scott in Oklahoma

    @retire05: Right there with ya Brother. Rove and his ilk catered to the stupid, while we foolishly sat on the sidelines unil it became obvious tha we had to wake up and get involved. His arrogance showed up at the last election, he should’ve seen his day was over. Now we’re gonna have to bitch-slap him in public to get him to STFU and go away.

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    @retire05: @Scott in Oklahoma:

    Unfortunately, it is about who controls the money when discussing politics and elections. The Democrats have shown this to be the case when people who otherwise seem intelligent go with the flow and continue to vote in the worst dregs of society into office.

    The Republican party is fractured, and the establishment controls the money. The only way to combat this is by not giving in to who the GOP establishment puts in front of us as our “choice”. I’m just not sure that enough people with common sense will know enough to vote for freedom and liberty, instead of the GOP progressive welfare crowd like Rove.

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    Scott in Oklahoma

    @johngalt: I agree completely, and we have to build up our offense and capital, drop our gloves on the ice and do battle. Until we’re willing to “draw blood” (in a manner of speaking, not literally), we’re not going to have a chance.

    My biggest fear is we have seen our last free election for a very long time…

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    @retire05: I agree, I would put Rove at the top of the list of what’s ailing with the Republican party. I don’t think there are as many ‘listening’ to Rove as he thinks there are. We’ll see.

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    Rove was so unsuccessful at predicting the last presidential election, there is no reason for Republicans to consider his BS seriously. His total incompetence at predicting the outcome should be continually thrown in his face at every opportunity. It helped lead to an unjustified party leadership over-confidence, resulting in their establishment candidate treating Obama with kid-gloves after the first debate. They were wholly ignorant that they did not have the lead they thought they did, and their disdain for conservatives and the Tea Party, (which cost them loads of votes,) was the final nail in their election coffin. If the Party continues to listen to Rove and his anal retentive kin, (and the MSM,) the GOP will indeed have gone the way of the dinosaurs. The reelection of their woefully inadequate failure of a chairman, indicates a blind predetermination towards a self-destructive idiot-ology.

    I think it is finally time for conservatives to change their voter registration, and perhaps send the leadership a letter spelling out exactly why they are leaving the party. It’s time to build a new party. We can still, of course, support and contribute to real conservative Republicans, but we seriously need to scare the hell out of the elitist establishment “business-as-usual” club. Having done my research, I intend to officially register for the Constitution Party.

    As far as I’m concerned, Rove can stick-it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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    Rove thinks he is the soul of the Republican Party. That party is the one which basked in the reflected glory of the days when Democrats ran everything, and Pubbies were 33% of Congress. Rove wants to return to Big Government, Limited. He wants Democrat Lite. He wants more taxes, more benefits, more entitlements, more bureaucracy. Just not quite as many as Democrats.
    Read his columns. He is a numbers twit. He does not want to excite the new voters to their opportunities in free enterprise. He wants to grab the underclass (the Democrats already own them) instead of making a new middle class.
    Rove is powerful. He likes being powerful. He loves it when people toady to him. But he is worthless, useless, and irrelevant.
    Hope some people begin to understand this.

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