Report: Egypt won’t let U.S. interrogate suspect linked to Benghazi

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Allahpundit @ Hot Air:

Why would they? A few weeks ago, Morsi told a bunch of U.S. senators that Jews were controlling American media, whereupon they called a press conference and … promised to keep the foreign aid coming. Barring a surprise invasion of Israel, there’s virtually nothing he can do to alienate the America’s foreign-policy establishment, which is nervous about losing whatever shred of leverage it has with Islamists after the Arab Spring. You might see Rand Paul pound the table about this next week as part of his campaign to get American voters to rethink foreign aid generally, but that’s it.

Here’s the background on “Abu Ahmed” and his possible role in Benghazi from Tom Joscelyn of the Long War Journal and Weekly Standard. Ahmed wasn’t there shooting at Chris Stevens on the evening of 9/11 but he may have trained the guys who were. Just one question: Are we sure that Owants American interrogators grilling this guy? His drone policy gets all the attention but don’t forget that he’s very quietly continued the practice of rendition that liberals used to get upset about under Bush.

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