Racist union goons destroy Clint Tarver’s hot dog business; Where are Sharpton, Jesse Jackson?

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As Twitchy reported, hot dog vendor Clint Tarver’s business was destroyed by union goons, hurling vicious racial epithets, in Michigan. “There will be blood,” you see. Most of the media swept the union-perpetrated violence under the rug. Predictable.

But Twitter users are wondering, “where are the alleged civil rights leaders?” Or the president?



President Obama? Ha! No “beer summit” expected.

Calls for Jackson and Sharpton to denounce the racist violence and support Mr. Tarver go unanswered, natch.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

41 Responses to “Racist union goons destroy Clint Tarver’s hot dog business; Where are Sharpton, Jesse Jackson?”

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    Ever wondered about the working conditions of Santa’s little helpers?

    Workers without unions–the people who provide cheap products and high profits for corporate America: a series of photographs of young women who work in Chinese toy factories, from Business Insider.

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    Nan G

    Democrats in office in Michigan have been generous toward Mr. Carver.
    Katie Carey, press secretary for the House Democratic caucus, said, “We look forward to supporting Tarver’s business and hiring him to cater a caucus lunch next year.”
    Good for them!
    Mr. Carver’s loss of catering equipment and food (stolen) is being more than replaced by donations from all across the political spectrum.
    The UNION thugs who were so racist and destructive deserve what is coming to them.
    Maybe assault and battery charges.
    Maybe human rights’ violation charges for the hate crime part of their actions.
    And now they will each have to personally cut a check to their unions each payday because no money will be automatically sent by their employers to their unions for them.

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    IS IT A ” C ” OR A ” T ”

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    Hard Right

    greg approves of the violence and racial slurs used against Mr. Tarver simply because it was done by dems.

    He engages in the alinsky method of doing anything but addressing a losing incident, and launching an irrelevant attack.

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    When I checked last night, $27,000 had been donated to help Mr. Tarver replace his destroyed hot dog stand.

    But y’all are right; where is Rev. Al and Rev. Jessee? They are always blathering on about how “racism” is so blatant in this country, but when a black man is called “N*gger” and “Uncle Tom” by a bunch of white union goons, they are nowhere to be found.

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    Nan G

    And apparently Quentin Tarantino is also an honorary black.
    Because his new movie is peppered with the N-word but nary a critic from our regular crew of black-victim ministers: Obama, Sharpton or Jackson.

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    @Hard Right, #4:

    There’s nothing the least bit irrelevant about it.

    The only power that the average American worker has to counterbalance that of profit-obsessed corporations which will purchase labor at the lowest cost possible is that of collective action and collective bargaining.

    Don’t even try to pretend that such corporate interests have not themselves organized to act collectively in their own self-interest. That’s what is at the heart of the current political struggle. It’s at the very heart of the wave of union-busting legislation pushed by republican-majority legislative bodies and republican governors in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, etc.

    Corporate special interests have organized and collectively spent untold billions to further their own narrow, profit-focused agenda. That agenda is at the root of the Right to Work campaign. It’s behind efforts to roll back environmental protection laws, consumer protection laws, equal pay, and a wide range of employee benefits and protections. It’s behind the campaign to remove, discredit, or disempower any regulatory agency that gets in the way of maximizing profits.

    Those girls assembling toys in China to earn a few pitiful dollars a day working in deplorable conditions are the people corporate America would place American workers in direct competition with. The single question they want to have to deal with is Who can do the job cheapest?

    I don’t fault them for wanting to make a profit. Everyone wants to make a profit. That’s what drives our system.

    What I fault them for is wanting to make maximum profits regardless of the cost to anyone else. I fault them for the travesty of elevating selfishness to a virtue, for measuring the value of everything in terms of dollars, and for their efforts to demonize anyone who criticizes or attempts to thwart their sick and twisted views.

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    you are over reacting and you know the UNIONS have abused their power
    and never thought there was a limit, even with their bad habits, to punch a human being ,
    and break things not belonging to them and intimidate, the good people,
    now they are losing their power no matter if OBAMA IS ON THEIR SIDE,
    you try to protect the one who have broken the law,
    and you try to demonize the companies, they have to defend themselves from those thugs we saw yesterday in full action

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    Gee, Greggie; that was quite a rant. Did you get that from the CPUSA website? So let’s take a look at what you are actually saying:

    you are saying that none of the labor laws that have been passed since FDR was President work. They are not inforced and do the workers no good so the only thing that saves workers from being used like chattle is the unions.

    And you are saying that corporations are evil because they are “profit” focused. OK, but you need to explain how, in your Marxist world, corporations could continue to emply people if they didn’t make a profit. Or do you think, in your Marxist mind, that someone starts a business, dumps everything thing they own into it, including blood, sweat and tears, only to make enough profit that will just cover their labor costs? And in those “corporations” do you include the tens of thousands of mom and pop companies who are, by the way, incorporated?

    And now you want to compare the U.S. to China. But I thought, in the mind of the progressive, that being like other nations is a GOOD thing. Remember how your side said “Why can’t we be more like Canada? Why can’t we be more like Great Britain? Why can’t we be more like the European nations?” Now you are saying that you DON’T want to be like other nations, i.e. China? Make up your mind.

    You’re a stupid little man, Greggie. You think unions are still necessary. They’re not. All your fellow Democrats have made sure of that by enacting labor laws that dealt with fair-labor. And while they were patting themselves on the back for that legislature, they were playing the death knell of labor unions. Call it a self-inflicted gun shot to the head, because that is what it was.

    If you don’t like your job (which I doubt you have), you are free to find another employer who is more to your liking. But if you are a lousy employee, I should have the right to fire you without the labor unions trying to destroy me. Here is how it should work: you apply for a job I have available and if you are qualified, I hire you. You take the job agreeing to the wage I agreed to pay, and in order to keep you, providing your production warrants it, I may offer you health insurance as a bonus. As long as you perform your job, I continue to pay you. If you turn into a slacker, I fire you and replace you with someone who IS willing to work. You are not entitled to part of my company, my profits (which goes to the stockholders as reward for investing their money in my business and giving me operating capital), my property, a salary when you no longer work for me (retirement benefits) or any other thing you can think up in your little Marxist mind. If you think you can run my company better than I can, you are more than free to quit working for me and start your own company, with all its risks. In other words, Greggie, you are not entitled to anything you didn’t work for and didn’t earn.

    If being a corporate owner is such a great gig, then why don’t all those union bigwigs start their own and put those “evil” existing corporations out of business instead of raping union members with their large salaries?

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    You’re equally free to call in your board of directors and stockholders to fill in for the useless, ungrateful workers who have collectively decided to walk off the job, because they don’t like the way you’re treating them or your attitude.

  12. 12



    And you’re equally free to move to some Marxist utopia that would suit you better than the U.S. since you are such a foe of capitalism.

    Of course, you have nothing but a lame response to my post because, you see, Greggie, no where Marxism, Communism or Socialism has ever been tried has worked out well, especially for those “workers” you lament.

  13. 13

    Nan G

    Greg, remember those ”fast food” strikers in NYC?
    There were approximately 100 applicants for each actual worker who walked off his job.
    (In truth very few did walk off. Most of those holding the picket signs were not fast food workers.)

    If you are MacDonalds and make a 10% profit while your 40 workers are part time at ~$8/hour – what happens if you dump 1/2 your workforce, give the rest $15/hour and make them full time?
    Lots of fast food employees WANT part time work and will not like it.
    The additional costs of full time employees will force prices up and up again.
    You lose customers to cheaper places.
    You go under.
    Everyone you employed is out of a job.
    Seems like a false economy.
    Only a liberal could see the beauty of that.

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    The only power that the average American worker has to counterbalance that of profit-obsessed corporations which will purchase labor at the lowest cost possible is that of collective action and collective bargaining.

    The “only” power, Greg?

    Your cynical worldview of employers blinds you to the other powers that workers have over their employers besides collectively bargaining.

    Maybe, though, you could comment on the story in the OP? I suppose that the entrepreneur, being both an employee, and employer, but especially an employer, got what he deserved by those “average American workers” who were only “collectively bargaining”.

  15. 16



    That’s ok, Greg. There’s a lot of us conservatives that aren’t buying it either. In fact, we aren’t gullible enough to buy what either of the parties are trying to sell.

  16. 17



    There are reasons why a majority of American voters aren’t buying what the Republican Party has been trying to sell lately.

    That’s it? That’s your response? You come on here and give us a diatribe that could have been written on the CPUSA website and when you are challenged, that’s all you can offer? But that is your style, isn’t it?

    You see, Greggie, it is very clear you have never been an employer. You don’t have a clue about how business runs, how goals have to be met to stay competitive, how shareholders have to get a return on their investments. No, in keeping with your Marxist beliefs, you think business functions only to profit the worker, not the owner, the investor or the people who manage the company. You think that workers, who did nothing to create that business in the first place, have some kind of utopian ownership rights. Yet, not one teenie, tiny word from you on the obscene salaries being pulled down by union bigwigs who are nothing more than community organizers who get others to do the dirty work (like beating down a man who did nothing or destroying a man’s hot dog stand who was only trying to earn a living for his family) while they keep their hands clean. Trumka is a worse ganster than Jimmie Hoffa ever thought about being.

    Who/what warped your mind, Greggie?

  17. 18


    @retire05, #17:

    Why do you believe it’s so outrageous for working people to organize and collectively pursue their own best interests, when billion-dollar corporations and their wealthy owners have organized and spent enormous sums of money to do precisely the same thing?

    Who is supposed to look out for the best interests of the average person?

    The man with the hot dog stand who had incidental damages isn’t really what any of this is about.

    Who do you suppose his customers were, all through that particular day? The Koch brothers? Tea Party Republicans?

  18. 19


    @Greg: Ever wonder what “those girls” in China would be doing if they weren’t making —- ‘fill in the blank’ -?? — or even if they would even exist?

  19. 20


    ON YOUR 15
    and half of the other AMERICANS ARE NOT BUYING

  20. 22


    @Budvarakbar, #19:

    Ah, so the motive behind offshoring an estimated 2.7 million U.S. jobs to China was compassion for the nation’s poor. I guess that was so obvious that it hadn’t occurred to me. Maybe that also somehow explains over a decade of declining real wages for the jobs that have remained. Or the steadily growing corporate profits and the upward shift of U.S. income and wealth over the same period.

    Bear in mind, we’re not talking about an out-of-control growth of union membership and power here. What we’re talking about here are orchestrated efforts by corporate and special interests to eradicate the greatly diminished union membership and power that still remain.

  21. 23


    you see when human imitate the animal living as a pack,
    they feel secure and the next thing is fighting those outside the pack
    and the pack of human start acting like animals, forgetting they are human in a free country,
    working for a business who pay their salary but they got prisoner of the UNIONS who teach them they cannot survive without them, so those members become more dependent not of their job but
    on their unions who have gain the right to throw them out if they rebel, or even beat them up,
    or kill them to protect their power,
    then their freedom is gone for a few dollars more and promises which is gone if the company close,
    and the extra money is spent.
    the unions abused their power,
    they started as a good idea against abuse, but now they abuse the company who are good for their employees,
    look at the teachers situation.

  22. 24

    Mr. Irons


    Well, I’m gone on leave for work and come back to see Greg is still stupid as ever and ignorant as to why jobs are being sent over seas or why domestic businesses are having to shutter their doors… *cough*hostess*cough*

  23. 25



    The man with the hot dog stand who had incidental damages isn’t really what any of this is about.

    Yeah, “incidental damages”, to the tune of $400+. But don’t worry, his employer will cover them.

    Oh yeah, he is the employer. $400 may not seem like much to a lot of people, but when you are operating on a tight budget anyways, any addition to your overhead can be very rough. Not that you might know that, as you likely have never had to deal with such issues.

    And besides, since he was hired to provide food and beverage for the organizer, ASP, he was as good as one of them anyways, right? Not to mention, since he wasn’t union, the thugs from IBEW had a right to bust up his business, right?

  24. 26


    The thumbprint of the Union label:
    “Give us what we want, or else we beat you up and take it anyway.”
    What a viewpoint!
    Why didn’t they just kill the hot dog stand operator? He is an enemy of the State.
    And enemies must be punished. Isn’t that what Joe Stalin taught us?
    Kill those who insult Unions.
    There will be blood in the streets, Hoffa says.
    The only question is, “whose blood?”

  25. 30

    Hard Right

    Notice how neither greg or lib#2 condemned what the union goons did?
    No, they want to distract and change the subject.

    greg even goes so far as to minimize what happened while trying to look the other way, simply because it was his people that did it. Disgusting.

  26. 31

    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    @retire05: Auntie Retire05: In Spain, in the Basque region, there is a cooperative business—I forget the name (but I’m sure you could find more information on the web about it, if interested)—that operates world-wide, with 100,000 employees, for the past 40 years.

    But some people, just because they have experience with one business mode (the American style), claim themselves as experts in every type of economic model—without ever investigating the alternatives. This is the type of mental attitude which Herbert Spencer aptly describes as “contempt prior to investigation”, and illustrates itself by extreme conservatives constantly yelling out epithets like Marxist and Socialist, as though such name calling prove something.

  27. 32

    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    @johngalt: This situation seems to have become a great windfall for the vendor, since the union will probably pay for his cart, plus he will make over $25,000 in donations.

  28. 33



    You are just full of assumptions, aren’t you?

    I have stated, previously, that I have no problem if people want to belong to a union. I do have a problem with strong armed tactics designed to get more than they are worth, simply because unions no longer represent the “working” man, they are now nothing more than an arm of the Democrat Party.

    Again, what right do you have to the profit of a company? None. If you take a job, and agree to the terms of employment (job description, salary, benefits), and you receive those things, the employer has fulfilled his end of the bargain. You, or any union member, has no right to demand to see his books, share in his profit, or demand more that you contracted for when you accepted the job.

    You want to ignore the fact that unsafe work conditions, sweat shop environments, have all been eliminated by federal labor laws. The very things that unions were originally formed to combat have been dealt with via federal labor laws. The only thing left was salary and benefits. And that is an issue that should remain between employer and employee.

    You, and thousands of union members, seem to be under the impression that they can place a value on their labor. You, and they, would be wrong. The market places a value on your labor, and employers, to stay competitive, have to respond to those market values. A trained journeyman carpenter has greater worth than an illegal from Honduras (illegals are the unions biggest target for new membership) who has never held a hammer in his life. Yet, the union treats each member as if they are all equal in skill.

    It is obvious you have never owned a business or managed a business. Your “labor” concepts are pure Marxist, which has failed in every nation they have ever been tried.

    Let me give you an example of how labor unions, like Democrats, reward the non-productive and punish the productive: let’s take two guys who are called “telephone men” who do repairs on telephones systems for AT & T. They are both union (CWA). One meets his job quota everyday, has a high customer satisfaction rate, never has a call-back (what they call a job that has not been done properly in the first place and has to be repaired again). Then we have the other guy who falsifies his “jobs done” reports, sits under a nice shade tree most of the day, bragging to his crew members how he reads a book a day, has a lousy customer satisfaction rate, and almost every job he is sent out on has to be followed up by someone who really does repair the service. Do you think those two men deserve the same salary? Do you think the guy who sits under the tree most of the day should be fired? What about 15 GM workers who were caught returning to the assembly line after a lunch hour of booze and pot? Do you think they should be fired because they were under the influence of drugs and alcohol while working an assembly line?

    The problem with unions is that they are no longer interested in acting in the interest of their members. They have become political, with union bigwigs being invited to the White House and given more importance than the employers. Unions do not provide jobs; employers, those evil capitalist companies you so hate, do. If unions were honest, which they are not, they would not use one damn dime for political campaign donations. Want to talk about how much the AFL-CIO donated to Obama’s campaign alone?

    Now, I found your comments about Clint, The Hot Dog Man, disgusting. Clint was a private business owner who had been contracted (there’s that word unions love “contract”) to provide a service to the AFP tent. He is apolitical, and was simply doing the job he does to provide for his family. For that, the union goons destroyed his equipment and called him “Nigger, Uncle Tom” and for you to refuse to denounce that shows just what a slimey little man you are. I would say you are probably an anarchist. Again, if you want to see what unions have brought about, take a drive through Detroit. A once beautiful city that could be have been used for the movie that showed what the nation would look like without people.

    Unions don’t compete. They demand more and more when markets are good, but refuse to give anything when markets are bad. You love to refer to China, but NEWS FLASH, we are not China which has few labor laws. And speaking of China, didn’t Jeffrey Immelt, the head of Obama’s jobs committee, just say that the Communist system of production in China works? What do you have to say about that?

    Unions are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and their demise is just a matter of time if they don’t wake up to the reality of world markets. Companies will move to right-to-work states, if for no other reason that to not have to deal with the likes of Richard Trumka, and the rest of his Mafia goons. The cost of living is less for workers in right-to-work states consequently, the cost of doing business is less and the chances of new start up businesses making it are greater. And golly gee, Greggie, isn’t that the whole idea; for companies to succeed in order to hire even more people at a decent wage? Unions not only don’t allow that to happen, they prevent that from happening.

    Here is how absurd union rules have become: in 2001, I was invited to do a trade show in Washington, D.C. When I got there, I was informed that I could not unload my own trailer. I had to hire a union dock worker to do it. I refused. So the promoter of the show make arrangements that I could unload my own trailer and set up my own display. But there was a catch: once my lights were strung, which required the use of ONE extension cord, I would have to hire a union electrician. I had to pay a union electrician $85.00 (one hour minimum) to plug in an simply household extention cord. I had to rehire that same crook to unplug the extention cord, and again, pay him another $85.00. That’s what you are supporting. After that, the entire time I owned my business, I refused to go to any closed shop state.

    So while I did that trade show in D.C., I paid all my own expenses which included hotel and meals. I generated income for the people that worked in those hotels and restraurants. But after that, those states where there were closed union shops, I refuse to contribute to their economy. That, Greggie, is why Detroit looks like an abandoned city.

    You’re on the losing end of a battle that is not going to end well. The actions of the union workers in Michigan will only hamper any creation of new business in that state and those who are thinking about creating a new business will look to other states where that problem doesn’t exist. The closed shop states will continue to see business relocate out of them, and unemployment will continue to go up. It’s not that the U.S. cannot be competitive in the world market, its that the unions prevent the U.S. from becoming competitive and consequently business relocate either to RTW states or those countries where the survival of the company can be assured.

    It is just this simple: if I hire you to build a house for me, and I later sell that house for a profit, you are NOT entitled to any portion of that profit.

  29. 37

    Common Sense

    @Greg: Greg, clearly you have NEVER been to China to know what takes place there and what contributions are made by American Corporations in China. Too bad you speak so eloquently of what you know nothing about!!

  30. 39

    Scott in Oklahoma

    @Enchanted: Only part of his Brown Shirt Army… don’t forget about the other armed, civilian security services like HSA, TSA, IRS, DOE and a host of other alphabet agencies. The unions are the undercover arm.

  31. 40

    Wm T Sherman

    Union goons smashed a vendor’s property and called him Uncle Tom and the N word. The same crowd claimed that the assault on the tent when all this happened is something that AFP did to itself. The usual ‘civil rights’ leaders refuse to address any of this. That means they think it’s all right.

    Greg and Liberal1 steadfastly refuse to address the issue. That means they also think it’s all right. A couple of totalitarian stooges.

    How these two clowns love to distract from reality of what actually happened by yammering about the glory days of the Labor movement from decades ago, and their abject terror of an actual free market economy. Let’s see, who does this: sacrifice indivduals to the cause, lie, distract, rewrite history, and bark speeches about the glory of cornball totalitarian collectivism. Communists. Just say it guys. You’re communists.

  32. 41


    @Liberal1 (Objectivity):

    since the union will probably pay for his cart

    Be sure and let us know when that happens, Lib1. I won’t hold my breath waiting for it, though.

    And any donations Tarver receives will be due to the thuggery of the union goons. You liberal/progressives may be ok with that, but I bet Mr. Tarver would rather have his equipment undamaged, and the money the contributors would donate used for other worthwhile purposes, including buying hotdogs from him. That is what you lib/progs will never be able to understand.

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