On Benghazi, Panetta Says Needed ‘Advance Notice’ of Surprise Attack for Timely Response

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Perfect example of the Obama administrations incompetence.

Here’s the TV Pool Report verbatim on Defense Secretary Panetta’s comments about Benghazi, spoken today in session with reporters aboard his flight to Perth, Australia:

“One of the things that we are doing right now is we are involved in an assessment btwn DOD and the state department to look at the embassies in that region and what additional steps need to be taken in order to ensure the security of our embassies. So we do need to look at how we can A, improve security and 2, be able to effectively respond if there are any threats.

With regards to Benghazi itself, I think this has been pointed out, we moved very quickly to deploy the forces that we thought were important to deal w/ the threats in the region. We deployed those forces as quickly as we could. But the problem w/ Benghazi itself is the events there were happening on rapid pace, that attack was largely over by the time of response.”

Q – more troops?

“The fact is, we had them deployed to the key areas that we needed to have them move from. And you know, we have so many bases in the area, obviously siganella was one of those bases, but Roda as well as other bases in the region. The fundamental fact is this: in order for us to be able to move quickly –we have to have some advance notice that something is going to happen and in this case we didn’t have that. When we were informed the attack was already happening, and to be able to respond quickly when an attack is already going on, just make it very difficult to be able to move as quickly as we would have wanted to.”

Damn those terrorists….they were supposed to give us advance notice. They just ain’t playin’ fair!

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

12 Responses to “On Benghazi, Panetta Says Needed ‘Advance Notice’ of Surprise Attack for Timely Response”

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    in order for us to be able to move quickly –we have to have some advance notice that something is going to happen and in this case we didn’t have that.

    Oh my, it’s too bad the admirals in Hawaii didn’t have Panetta around after Pearl Harbor. He could have made everyone feel good. Isn’t lying wonderful!

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    James Raider

    advance notice

    That is an amazing concept.

    But for this incompetent bunch in the White House, there appears to be no limit to the outright lies which they will float.

    – The pleadings for security prior to the Benghazi attack must just not have been specific enough.
    – The pleadings must not have contained exact descriptions of the numbers of terrorists who were going to attack.
    – The pleadings must not have provided Panetta and Clinton with specific enough descriptions of the arms and ammo which these assassins were going to have at their disposal.
    – The pleadings must not have given accurate “timing” details on the impending attack.

    . . . . Astounding.

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    JR, you have a straight forward way of playing your cards! A knockout punch from a right uppercut. If they leave themselves open, throw the punch, well done indeed. Devastating.

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    “in order for us to be able to move quickly –we have to have some advance notice that something is going to happen and in this case we didn’t have that.”

    Sounds like Liberal reasoning, all right.
    “They had to open the attack so that we could see what was in it.”

    Back to an earlier post of mine; as soon as the attacks started, we should have been moving assets into the area, so that a response could have been instant, not carried out from hours away. Our rapid response forces should never have been told to stand down while at their home bases while awaiting “clarification”. One of their many purposes is to walk into Hell in order to provide clarification!
    Panetta is an idiot.

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    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    Panetta is just saying it was a surprise attack. Many militaries has been defeated by surprise attacks—in time or number. So what’s the big deal?

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    Tell me, what good is a rapid response team if you are not going to use them, you know, rapidly?

    What good is having a strong military, for defense of our nation and assets, if you are not going to use them for, you know, defense?

    What good is having high tech surveillance assets like Predator drones and real-time, bounced satellite imagery one can use to see what is going on half-way around the world, if you are going to rely on military strategems from WWII?

    What good is training for situations like what happened in Benghazi if you are not going to, you know, use the training?

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    @Liberal1 (Objectivity):

    Surprise attack, Lib1? Where in the hell do you get that. Stevens, himself, warned of attacks due to the deteriorating situation on the ground in Benghazi.

    Stop proving how stupid you are. Better to just let people think it, instead of you proving it with regularity.

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    Panetta is continuing to cover up for what Obama was really trying to pull off in Benghazi. That’s what good Communists do for their regime. Assets were available and some on station to have prevented loss of life during that attack. Calls for help were ignored and denied while State, CIA, DOD and the WH all watched them being murdered. IMHO Panetta is a traitor and guilty of murder for his actions.

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    James Raider

    @Nan G: #4,


    Is it possible that the Oval Office is being treated as a “Know Nothing” Zone by the various government departments around it?

    Is it possible that they all make up the rules as they go along without bothering to inform the Oval Office because the CEO team (Obama and Jarrett), has lost all credibility even with its own appointees?

    Rod Serling couldn’t write this script.

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    Maybe the generals and others were too busy sending love emails to their mistresses to deal with guys being killed. Twenty to thirty-thousand pages requires a lot of time and dedication. It is surprising they had enough time to run a war, but maybe they didn’t have enough time to run a war. The secret documents on girl friends computers meant those computers were secure, oh yea, and I fly an F-18 from the local airport for amusement.

    Bring our boys hoe before you kill more of them with incompetence.

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