Ohio school board unanimously votes to place armed CUSTODIANS in their K-12 schools

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Nina Golgowski @ The Daily Mail:

An Ohio school board has unanimously voted to place armed custodians on their K-12 campus in an effort to better protect their students from a future mass shooting.

Following Wednesday’s believed unprecedented 5-0 vote in the state, four male janitors were the first to volunteer to arm themselves with their own handguns on the rural Montpelier campus, the Toledo Blade reports.

The vote will permit only non-teaching employees to carry the firearms on the campus, so long as they complete a weapons training course.

‘It’s kind of a sign of the times,’ Superintendent Jamies Grime said on Friday.

The move comes as districts and lawmakers across the nation weigh how to protect students following the December school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

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    I don’t have a problem with arming school officials, but it should never be made public. They are telling any future mass murderers who to go after first.

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