Obama’s Now Borrowed More Than All Presidents from Washington to George W.

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Terence P. Jeffrey @ CNS News:

The federal government has now borrowed more money during Barack Obama’s time as president than it did in the period lasting from the time President George Washington took the oath office until July 2, 2001, more than five months into the first term of President George W. Bush.

At the close of business on Jan. 20, 2009, when President Barack Obama was inaugurated, the national debt stood at $10,626,877,048,913.08, according to the Treasury. At the close of business this Thursday, it stood at $16,323,083,449,604.98.

That means the debt has increased $5,696,206,400,691.90 during Obama’s presidency.

On July 2, 2001, more than five months after President George W. Bush entered office, the national debt was $5,693,220,327,798.14, according to the Treasury. By the close of business on July 3, 2001, it had risen to 5,698,195,769,465.40. Since then, the debt has never again dropped below $5,696,206,400,691.90—the amount it has increased in less than one full term of Obama.

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  1. 1

    Nan G

    The really sad part of this story is who covered it and who did not.
    CNS covered it.
    But the raw numbers came from our own US Treasury:

    About CNS News:

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    Study after study by the Media Research Center, the parent organization of CNSNews.com, clearly demonstrate a liberal bias in many news outlets – bias by commission and bias by omission – that results in a frequent double-standard in editorial decisions on what constitutes “news.”

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    CNSNews.com has a full staff of credentialed journalists at its world headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. In addition to news, CNSNews.com is proud to present commentary and analysis….

    CNS News did the math just like the US Debt Clock…..

    The Census Bureau estimated in September that there were 114,916,000 households in the United States.
    That means that the $5,696,206,400,691.90 the Obama administration has borrowed in the name of U.S. taxpayers now equals about $49,568 per household.

    Your household and mine.
    $49,568 in debt more than before Obama!

  2. 2


    It took some effort on Terrence’s part to avoid drawing any attention to the fact that nearly $5 trillion in new debt was added during the presidency of George W. Bush, despite the fact that the economy was in pretty good shape when he arrived. When Obama took office, an economic train wreck of historic proportions was already in progress.

    Then there’s Medicaid Part D—inadequately funded to begin with, and unable to to utilize the economy of scale to bargain for lower prices by design. Who was in control of the White House and both houses of Congress when that was all put into place? And what about those 2 unfunded wars, already in progress when Obama was sworn in?

  3. 3


    I just knew some liberal/progressive would come along and try to explain away the debt incurred during Obama’s first term.

    Just like Obama. Blame everything bad on someone else. Meanwhile, let’s forget the Stimulus, the Omnibus, the auto bailouts, the second part of TARP which Bush did at Obama and the Dem’s request, the last two years of Bush’s presidency when the Dem’s held the purse strings, etc., etc., etc.

    And, let’s not forget that this is only in ONE term from Obama. Bush didn’t add on that much in two full terms.

    But, it doesn’t matter, really, who is/was in charge when the spending happened. It has happened. And everytime some conservative even mentions spending less money, the Democratic leadership balks and calls them baby-killers or worse. That is what matters. That the people who don’t want the spending to be restrained belong to one party, and one party only. The lying, backstabbing, gluttonous Democrats.

  4. 4


    who made those expanses, who went abroad swinging
    money to foreign COUNTRIES to pacify them, OBAMA
    that money came from the pockets of THE PEOPLE,
    who got thanks for it, OBAMA,
    HE went on spending sprees naming trillions of it,
    let him take his responsibility and charge him to pay back that money from his pocket,
    from his investments, from his money received as gifts, and he is a rich man,
    let him begin the payment of the debt. and don’t put any more money for him to spend,
    then the debate can begin, the DEMOCRATS are in power they endebted this COUNTRY for GENERATIONS TO COME, all of them made rich by their skeems,
    time to pay is on their necks, no one else,

  5. 6


    there is nothing , he can brag about, now his campaign
    of protecting the small business is in the ditch,
    he is not going to do any thing for any AMERICANS ON THIS TERM,

  6. 9


    THE BUSINESS keep coming, I guess it’s for the next four years,
    we PREFER
    I mean rooted AMERICANS LIKE US,
    those we trust to not stop the ripple on the ocean,
    we like our tidal bore, we like our INDIANS FIRST NATIONS,
    they posses the wisdom of the EARTH SPIRIT LIVING BEING,
    still not loss from their ANCESTORS,

  7. 11


    unless you would be willing to sleep on the floor, that ‘s the room for guess
    since I moved, but there is lots of room outside, more than inside,
    that is good for my taste of living,

  8. 12


    @ilovebeeswarzone: #11
    If we are overthrown in the summer, I’ll be coming. I’ve been in Canada several times, and sleepimg outside any other time of the year ain’t for me. You will me my summer refuge. Are meals included?

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