Obama: Why Don’t Republicans Believe in Compromise Like I Don’t?

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Ace @ Ace of Spades HQ:

Liberals are very good at casting their claims, dishonestly, as politically-neutral ones.

When people complain, for example, about the left’s penchant for anti-semitic, anti-American, and pro-communist rhetoric, lefties will not defend the substance of such remarks, but make a case for absolute freedom to speak one’s mind.

That’s what they say. But then a dodgy filmmaker gets arrested for the crime of speaking his own mind and lefties cheer his incarceration.

Their claim was that their defense of (say) communist rhetoric was simply a neutral process defense — they are championing a content-neutral process good (that of free expression untrammeled by blowback and boycott) which has nothing to do with their politics.

But that’s a lie– such defenses are only lodged in favor of speech they favor as a political matter.

And now, Barack Obama, as dishonest as leftist as has ever inhabited the White House, argues that all he wants is the neutral value of “compromise,” and the neutral value of legislators freed of any obligation to support the values and preferences of their constituents.

Obama argues that Republicans ought to give in on their own political priorities for the sake of a vague “good of the nation.” But this “good of the nation” turns out to be, fortuitously enough, closely aligned with his own leftist agenda.

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