Obama Presser: Give Me My Tax Hikes Right Now, Before Anything Else, As a Show of Good Faith

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Ace @ Ace of Spades HQ:

He just finished speaking.

I can’t believe we have to listen to this guy for another four years.

I can’t believe it. I really can’t. I’m still processing this– this happened.

Another four miserable, impoverished years.

Here’s an idea. I don’t know if this is a good idea. I imagine some will be pretty angry about it.

8 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the country voted for Obama, and thus higher taxes.


Here’s my compromise solution. Let’s agree to raise taxes on income greater than, say, $600,000 per year. Or better yet– $1,000,000 year, which is what Joe Biden claimed their policy was in a debate.

But we’ll insist that investment income rates be lowered.

Why? Because Hollywood-types and other celebrities (rappers, athletes, Bruce Springsteen) make a lot in income.

They want their income taxed at higher rates? Fine. You got it.

I know a lot of “innocent” Republicans will be trapped by this. That’s why I don’t know if it’s a good idea. But it seems likely to me we will lose (Obama doesn’t mind if he crashes the US economy by taking us over the cliff; he’ll get a poll boost out of it).

So punish those who voted for this. It’s what they wanted; give it to them.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

8 Responses to “Obama Presser: Give Me My Tax Hikes Right Now, Before Anything Else, As a Show of Good Faith”

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    A “show of good faith” on what? That Obama and the liberal/progressives will start limiting their handouts? Obama just won re-election by promising more “stuff” to people, so that isn’t bound to happen.

    How about “good faith” from the Democrats, and agree on an open and public debate on government spending? Not likely to happen, I’m afraid.

  2. 3

    Nan G

    One day after the election his peeps floated a ‘carbon tax’ trial balloon.
    Just one day later, they stuck a pin in it….supposedly.

    Now they say there will be no shale oil extraction on any federal land in the USA.
    Just during the campaign Obama floated the idea of 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West for oil shale development.
    Now, two days after getting re-elected he shoots down his own promise.

    Iran claims they are speaking with Obama’s representatives.
    Obama claims they are not.

    Obama claimed he didn’t want to raise taxes on the ”middle class,” but will include anyone making over $200,000 (or $250,000 as a family) as ”the rich.”
    I personally know police, firemen, nurses and very hard-working home repair guys who make a bit more than that.
    They are not RICH.
    But those taxes will hit them.
    ABC’s Jake Tapper points out how Obama said (falsely, in my opinion) that the impact on our economy of these tax increases would be minimal. But the other point that Obama leaves off is that the impact of all these new revenues would actually be minimal of the debt/deficit.
    They would hurt the people who still even want to provide non-government jobs while they would not stop the fiscal bleeding.

    Obama is not only not to be trusted in what he says, he should not be trusted to have thought through the impact of what he wants done.
    Remember he STOLE his ”famous” WORDS, JUST WORDS speech from Deval Patrick?
    Well, guess what?
    Deval Patrick is getting paid back by being flown (maybe only as a trial balloon) for Eric Holder’s top spot at Justice!

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    James Raider

    Increases in all tax rates are coming – some obvious and some less so. That is now a guarantee. Problem is, with all rising income to government, also comes increases in spending. That means an increase in bureaucracies which are a stifling burden on all actions of society.

    The other guarantee is that monetary policy will not change. The Bernank is staying put, and providing music for Keynesians doing cartwheels at the New York Times.

    Interest rates should be gently allowed to rise to 4%-6% from the current ZERO. The Bernank’s printing presses should be rendered unusable and turned into boat anchors.

    Some loons on the left, like Time, think Obama should allow the Fiscal Cliff to sweep over the land in the first weeks of the new year – “what’s the rush, don’t worry about it, the Republicans will cave-in.” That should usher in a new Depression.

  4. 5

    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    @johngalt: Where would you stop the handouts? With social security for the elderly—who have paid for it all their working lives? Or, how about with the disabled, who can no longer work (or are you one who thinks every body who claims a disability is fraudulent)? Or, maybe food stamps which puts food in needy children’s mouths (or do you think thisis just part of the ‘welfare queen’ conspiracy)?

    Why don’t you get the pertinent facts (not just repeat the right wing talking point the “Obama has increased food stamps”—if you haven’t heard, we’re still in a recession and people are unemployed or under-employed, and hungry). Like Romney’s 47% statement, he needed to discover who these people really were—50% of them were poor Republicans. Did you know that?

    You and your thoughts are a dying breed. But, go ahead, cling to them—that’s what the Birchers do.

  5. 6


    @MOS 8541: #2: Just have conservatives vote “Present” as demonstrated by his obamiation. No need to get our shorts in a bunch. Just get prepared for the inevitable “dislocation” that is coming. We must get to the bottom of the pit before we can see the error of our ways. Kind of a “AA” 12 Step approach. The resolute and strong will be fine. The truly needful weak will be helped by the strong as always and the “Takers” will continue to defecate in the hallways until their own filth removes them from consideration. The strong need to focus on personal preparedness, self-protection, and organizing like minded Americans to protect our survivable communities.

  6. 7


    @James Raider: #4: Actually, we need to do NOTHING. The gears setup by the obamination are already turning. We need to not fight the sequestration as it provides more than enough negative stimulation to sink our fiscal ship; just vote present as the ‘won’ aptly demonstrated. No need to approved new taxes, they are already coming to allow hiring in the next four years of the next 500,000 federal workers making over $100K per year. Just let the obaminoids have their “Bush Tax Cuts that they have been clamoring for the last four years. Ask you representatives to just vote present. That is the most bipartisan thing we can do.

    I am not worried about the military other that the ‘won’s’ every action to get the true American patriots killed to thin our ranks. We need to become ardent pacifists and get our troops home immediately. Our tanks and aircraft will do just fine parked in the Arizona desert.

    The mooslem world has been inflamed like a boil on the a$$ of real society for over two thousand years. As soon as we reach read bottom, we will rise again with a new currency since the $ is forever abused and now worthless. Focus on your personal protection, remember what out grandparents taught us.

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    @Liberal1 (Objectivity): #5: Thank you BOHICA man3. Such an uplifting diatribe. I whole heartedly agree with you. On to the cliff; you have more than enough taxes to spread around to the undeserving. You do not even need the help of intelligent Americans.

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