Newtown Sides with NRA: Votes for Armed Guards In Schools

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John Nolte @ Big Government:

Alternate headline: “Piers Morgan Hit Hardest.”

When the rubber hits the road, when the stark and very real choice is either empty political posturing with useless gun control laws or doing something practical to protect your children, the only people laughing at the NRA are a media determined to protect anything and everything involving Barack Obama. Today the Newtown Board of Education made the only choice any parent can:  It voted to put armed guards in its schools:

The vote, for now, only represents a request — it still needs to clear budget and logistical boundaries since the guards would come from the town’s police resources as opposed to the school board itself. But the plan ‘would put two eyes and ears — one armed, one unarmed — at each Newtown school,’ reports Bronxville Patch’s Davis Dunavin. The guards, officially called school resource officers (SROs), were already a fixture at all Newtown schools in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, but until this vote they were budgeted only to be a presence at middle and high Schools, according to NBC Connecticut.

The current push for gun controls by The State and its media is nothing more than another front in the relentless culture wars against Red State Americans and Bitter Clingers. None of the proposed laws would have stopped the Sandy Hook murderer, which should tell you everything you need to know.

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3 Responses to “Newtown Sides with NRA: Votes for Armed Guards In Schools”

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    Nan G

    No wonder Obama is ”MOVEing ON” to illegal alien amnesty as a way to divert from the fact that he has nothing going on in the gun control arena.

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    Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    When will we gather in our millions to throw these people out of power? If Obama pushes the UN Treaty which would prohibit personal gun ownership. I will be among those on the march.

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