NBC News stonewalls inquiries regarding David Gregory and “active investigation” by D.C. Police

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William A. Jacobson @ Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:

As previously reported, last Sunday David Gregory held up what he described as high capacity AR-15 ammunition magazine, which would violate the District of Columbia’s gun law if the magazine were real.

My multiple attempts last Sunday to obtain a response from NBC News as to whether the magazine was real were with stone cold silence.  None of the three senior communications executives with responsibility for Meet the Press responded.

Now there is news via Breitbart.com  (h/t Drudge) that the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department is investigating.  I spoke with Officer Alali, the spokesman on duty today at the MPD, who refused any further comment except to confirm that there is an “active investigation.”

It may be even worse for Gregory and NBC News.  According to an e-mail received by The Patriots Perspective website, which originally broke the Gregory story, NBC News had inquired whether it was permitted to use the magazine and was told that it was not permitted.  The authenticity of the email has not been verified.

Approximately two hours ago I emailed the same three senior communications executives at NBC News asking for them to confirm or deny this information, but none has responded.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

5 Responses to “NBC News stonewalls inquiries regarding David Gregory and “active investigation” by D.C. Police”

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    There are two explanations to David Gregory and the magazine. One it is real and he is in violation of DC gun laws and must be prosecuted, two he is a prog liar and will do and say anything to push his lefty agenda. Actually thee are three. All of the above.

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    Nan G

    How could one tell if it was a ”prop” 30-round magazine or a real one?
    NBC will have to produce the thing.
    One thing we do know, David Gregory is a hypocrite….
    He acts all opposed to guns for protection while sending his kids to a school known for having more than 10 armed staff.

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    @Nan G:

    We’ll believe the Progs are serious when they give up their bodyguards. If the laws they want passed are going to be effective then they won’t have anything to worry about, right? I mean, who would have a gun that they could use to shoot at public figures. I certainly believe all persons are entitled to the level of personal safety that they feel is necessary. I just don’t think they should be passing laws that deny that same level to anyone else that feels it is necessary. If I were a billionaire, you can bet I would have some protection around my family. But this is America and the constitution says everyone is entitled to have the firearms necessary to protect themselves.

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    So I guess this means that if you create anti-high capacity gun magazine laws, then the only ones who will have them in a high capacity magazine-free zone are the David Gregorys of the world.

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