Michael Moore thinks Canada is the answer to everything, except where to move

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What a coincidence that Current TV last night just happened to show Michael Moore’s 2002 film “Bowling for Columbine” (and will rerun it every night, twice each night, for a week). The director was on hand to answer questions via Twitter. Asked which nation should serve as the model for America’s gun control legislation, Moore told his followers that we should look north for guidance in just about all things, aside from how to treat baby seals.

Whoa! It’s not like Moore to get his facts jumbled, but assured that seal control is in full effect, Canada must be perfect, eh? That depends on whom you ask.

What? Moore knows everything about the Canadian health care system. After all, his 2007 film “Sicko” demonstrated just how poorly the United States’ health care system stacks up against Canada, France, the U.K. and even Cuba.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

2 Responses to “Michael Moore thinks Canada is the answer to everything, except where to move”

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    Well if Canada is so great everybody say goodbye and good riddence…And if it’s so great why has he made all his money here. I think it is because they all asked this idiot to leave………….

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    Canadians r taught from birth to live by the attitude of “we.” In the US, we r taught “me, me, me.” Every man for himself! It is our undoing

    Hey followers of @MMFlint – I’m answering questions here posed to “me” at #bowlingforcolumbine. Go check it out. And follow “me” on Twitter.

    What an arrogant sack of wind.

    Socialized medicine is difficult to endorse when the negative feedback comes back at you. Americans will get their chance to curse and scream about Obama Care in a few years, but MM will still be saying it is all about Me, Me, Me. Look at Cuba.

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