Marco Rubio tells Colin Powell to stop being a tool

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Phinaes @ Sister Toldja:

Victim of Republican Intolerance?

Victim of Republican Intolerance?

Well, not in so many words, but that was the gist of the Florida senator’s remarks during an interview this morning, when asked about former-Secretary of State Powell’s assertions of hidden racism in the Republican party:

I disagree with General Powell’s assessment of the Republican Party today,” Rubio said.

“The Republican Party is the party that [has] placed two Hispanics in the U.S. Senate,” Rubio told Tantros, “and we have an African-American senator in the United States Senate.”

Republican intolerance is so bad that, not only do we include two Hispanics (Rubio, Cruz) and one Black (Scott), but also two governors of Indian descent (Haley, Jindal) and two of Latin origin (Martinez, Sandoval). Much as I loathe ethnic bean-counting (1), if the Democrats are going to trot out their useful idiots to smear Republicans and conservatives with the race card, then it’s fair to ask where are the Democrats’ high-level minority leaders?

They might find the answer “embarrassing as Hell:”



And let’s not forget Colin Powell, himself, who was made Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State under Republican administrations, and has at times almost been begged to be that party’s candidate for president.

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4 Responses to “Marco Rubio tells Colin Powell to stop being a tool”

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    Hard Right

    Powell admitted he voted for obama partly because of his race. The other parts is because Colin is a democrat who refuses to admit that he is.

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    Powell and Scowcroft are mass murderers, directly responsible for every death in Iraq since they ordered Schwartzkopf to stop his march to Baghdad. The Khobar towers, USS Cole and 9/11 attacks, as well as every subsequent War of Terror related death can be lain at the feet of those two, contemptible Traitors.

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    @ThunderGod: Agreed

    IMO Powell’s 2008 endorsement of the communist/moo-slime SOB was most likely one of the major factors in getting the SOB elected — the fact that he is still endorsing obie’s a$$ just reinforces your comments re Powell’s cognitive reasoning powers and loyalties

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