Liberals Breaking Rank: Sequester ‘A Failure of Leadership’ By Obama – ‘He’s Just Playing Politics’

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Noel Sheppard @ Newsbusters:

Another liberal media member has broken ranks and pointed the finger of blame for the looming budget sequester on Barack Obama.

After the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward correctly wrote Friday that sequestration was indeed the Obama administration’s idea in 2011, former Newsweek editor Evan Thomas hours later said on PBS’s Inside Washington this whole standoff is “a failure of leadership by the White House…[Obama’s] just playing politics” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GORDON PETERSON, HOST: If sequestration was never meant to be implemented, as Jay Carney says, why was it implemented Evan?

EVAN THOMAS, FORMER NEWSWEEK EDITOR: Because it’s a failure of leadership by the White House. You know, the President’s the one guy who can step above all this stuff and he’s just playing politics.

A few minutes later, Thomas elaborated:

PETERSON: We just heard Dr. Rand Paul say the sequestration was the President’s idea. Wasn’t it?

THOMAS: Who cares whose idea it was? It was a bad idea on both sides. But it is the President’s responsibility. This is so typical of Washington: who to blame blame. It’s your fault. No, it’s your fault. It is the President’s responsibility far more than anybody else, particularly a second-term president who just won re-election. It’s his responsibility to rise above this nonsense. The people expect that of him and he’s not doing it.

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    And here I thought the only Democrat the press would be willing to blame was Harry Reid, who has failed leadership in the Senate four years in a row in not getting a Budget passed.
    Not to forget, forcing VP Biden to step in (shades of Palin) as President of the Senate to forge a deal January 1st.

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